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Best Outdoor Gifts for Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they love being outdoors. In fact, they also get along better and tend to be more creative when they’re outside. I don’t know about you, but whether it’s 95 degrees or 35 degrees outside, we always send our kids out to play. We lather them with sunscreen and wide-brim hats or bundle them in big parkas and toboggans depending on the weather.

So while Christmastime may not seem like the ideal season to give outdoor gifts, kids are fairly impervious to the weather conditions. I hope this list of 14 outdoor gifts for kids gives your family some good ideas for spending more time outside.

outdoor gifts for kids

Best Outdoor Gifts for Kids

Sandbox Digger


Pedal Go Kart

Tree Swing

Sports Balls Set

Zip Line Kit

Powerwing Scooter

Real Tool Kit

9 Mini Me Yard Tools: Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmers, Leaf Blower

10 Garden Tools Set

11 Wheelbarrow

12 Trampoline

13 Geometric Dome Climber

14 Multi-Sport Ball Rebounder

What are your go-to outdoor gifts for kids? What toys keep your kids entertained outside?

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