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swelling with pride…chicken delight

Ever since she was little, I can remember my sister Ellen being patriotic. She always loved the Armed Forces service at our church every July, and little tears welled up in her hazel eyes when they asked all veterans in attendance to come down front to be recognized.

Back in the day, (before CDs or MP3s) her first cassette tape was Lee Greenwood’s Greatest Hits, and the song she played over and over again was “God Bless the USA” or “Proud to be an American,” as we liked to call it. She sang that song at a PTO program with 100 fellow second graders, and it stuck.

Ellen has never been a “reader,” as my brother and I like to call ourselves. Growing up, she’d rather be playing outside. So one year at the beach for family vacation, she surprised us all by bringing along a book–the first book we’ve ever seen her reading that wasn’t required in school. What kind of book was it? A first-person war story.

Of course, I was never as caught up in patriotism as she, or so I thought. But earlier this week, she forwarded me a video called Military Reunion, and boy, did it tug at my heart strings.

Chicken Delight
Yesterday, I ran across an easy, mouth-watering recipe for Chicken Delight on one of my favorite blogs, Luckily, the ingredients are staples in my house, so I was able to whip everything together at the last minute.

Basically, I just trimmed chicken breasts, placed them on sheets of tinfoil and covered with sliced zucchini. I didn’t have squash, so I decided to use carrots instead.

 Then I covered with marinara, shredded cheese and parmesan.

Then I baked at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, and voila.

I my haste, or excitement to make this recipe, I forgot to season my chicken, as the recipe indicated. But to me, it didn’t need anymore seasoning. When I make it again, the only thing I’ll do differently is make the tinfoil sheets a little longer.

James had two helpings, as always.

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  1. Sky Rockets in Flight Chicken Delight!!

    Beautiful!! belongs in a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens)

    Even though both my father and grandfather were in the military as young men I never felt quite connected to it until my best friend joined the Marines senior year of high school. Even then it was still surreal. It finally hit me when he was shipped to Iraq.

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