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Picking up where I left off with my weekend cooking saga, Saturday, after completing my Labor Countdown WOD at the gym, I came home at lunchtime to tackle two more recipes.

First up, I trimmed, cooked and shredded 12 chicken breasts. Then, I turned to my Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook for an adaptation of its Chicken Tomatillo Stew, only mine turned out more red than green, as I used red bell peppers and red chiles.

After James ate both our portions of Beef Stew for lunch, he managed to eat a huge bowl of this stew as his mid-afternoon meal before I could get the containers into the freezer. I can’t complain though, he’s not a picky eater and eats whatever is in front of him. Hopefully our son will be the same!

Next up on the list was a Buffalo Chicken Soup recipeI found online. I doubled the recipe and adapted it quite a bit, adding more celery and onions and less cheese, swapping hot sauce for an extra helping of buffalo sauce and subbing coconut flour and a bit of xanthan gum for wheat flour.

Exhausted, but happy with my progress, we spent a couple hours Saturday night at Johnny’s Pizza enjoying a ‘slice’ of doughless meat deluxe pizza while bidding farewell to friend and gym member Jef Fearless. James stunned the attendees with his choice of attire–no longer are tacky Christmas sweaters reserved for parties of the same name. James is bringing back the 80s!

I’m not sure if it was the noise, food or time of night, but it felt like the baby was trying to bust out and escape. No contractions, just continuous kicks and prods. Hoping to hear more new of progressing at my doctor’s appointment this morning.

Oh, and stay tuned for my final two freezer meal recipes: Texas Chili and Jambalya!

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