friday’s letters…from james michael

Dear Daddy, mama says she’s tasked you with finding me a Halloween costume this year. When you suggested that I should be a mini you for Halloween, mama frowned. Let’s just go behind her back. I can’t wait to go shirtless half the day, eat every 2 hours, drink a gallon of milk a day and lift all those heavy weights at the gym.

Dear nature, I heart you. I kind of wish I was an animal so I could be outside all day and night. Mama tells me to be careful what I wish for, because it might come true, especially once I hit 15. I have no idea what she’s talking about, but I do know that my favorite time of the week is when me, Mama and Daddy go on our family hike.

Dear crawling, it took me a while to figure you out, but I’m starting to really get around now. Mama sometimes calls me a peg-legged pirate, because I’ll keep one leg out straight instead of being on my knee. What she doesn’t realize is I can do anything from this one-leg-bent, one-leg-straight position. I’m not worried about how fast I can crawl, but how fast I can do everything else I want to do, like sit up, pivot and pull up on things. I really am smarter than I look.

Dear Mama, I know I’ve had a sleep relapse lately, but it’s not my fault, promise. A couple times a night, when I randomly wake up, my mind always wonders what time it is on the bright red digital clock you have in my room. So, of course, I have to roll over and sit up so I can see the time. The only problem is, I never think about laying back down to go to sleep once I’m sitting up.

Dear Athens, I had so much fun during my first UGA tailgating experience. I want to be just like Mama and Daddy and go to college at UGA when I’m older. Mama says this scares her to death, especially if I end up being a mini version of Daddy. But hey, she’s got 18 more years to get used to the idea.


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