Officially Diagnosed with EoE…Scopes 1 and 2

waiting for 2nd EGD

First and Second Upper Endoscopies

In summer and fall of 2015, Beau had multiple vomiting and choking episodes–enough that we booked an appointment with a Gastroenterologist (GI) because it was happening too often. He suggested a Barium Swallow test, which showed that Beau had extreme reflux. And he also suggested an Upper Endoscopy to see what was going on in his esophagus and stomach.

In November 2015, we coordinated Beau’s first Upper Endoscopy (EGD) with his tonsillectomy to avoid putting him under anesthesia twice. He finished a round of systemic steroids only 5 days before the procedure because of another extreme episode of wheezing and tightened airways. The results from the first EGD yielded an eosinophilic count of 15, which is the borderline count between GERD and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Knowing that the steroids likely helped to suppress his eosinophils, I mentally prepared myself for the idea that he could have EoE.

In February 2016, after taking an acid suppression medication consistently for more than two months, Beau underwent his second EGD. His count came back at 80 eosinophils, which means he is officially diagnosed with EoE.

We have a follow-up appointment with the GI doctor next week to discuss treatment and a game plan, but he’s already mentioned swallowed Flovent, an elimination diet (no dairy, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, fish, soy, wheat) and a nutritionist. My main goal is to create a plan to wean him off medication and instead figure out how to manage the EoE with diet alone.

And even though I know that Beau is statistically better off than many EoE kids (great appetite, gaining weight, minimal pain), it’s still tough when I think about the fact that EoE is a non-curable disease. Fortunately, it is not life threatening, but it is definitely life altering. I’m so grateful for my experiences with alternative cooking and baking over the years and my experience with the paleo diet. But even then, the elimination diet restricts many of the paleo staples that I’m accustomed to using.

EoE will be a learning curve for our whole family, including the grandparents. As much as I feel like I have a decent grasp on nutrition, I welcome the insight of a nutritionist to help ensure our hungry little two year old gets a fully belly.



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