june raves and favs

I posted my first-ever raves and favs post at the end of May, and my goal is to do one at the end of every month to share my favorite things for that month.

So here goes June…in a new layout that is a little more appealing to the eye…

  1. Baby bath seat. Mine is an older version of this one, but my mom found it at a yard sale for a buck or two. James Michael loves sitting up and feeling independent in his bath!
  2. Homemade margarita. I’ve never been a big margarita drinker. Usually, they’re too sweet and sugary for me. But if you make it yourself and cut out the mix, I’ve found they’re quite tasty and refreshing in the summer.
  3. Pretty notepads. I’ve never been into stationery or pretty papers, but after finding a fun to-do list pad at Target a while back on clearance, I’m all about pretty, functional notepads now. Makes me more eager to write to-do lists and grocery lists ūüôā
  4. Baseball caps. Over the years, I’ve always worn caps playing softball¬†or when I’m at the lake or beach. But I also wear them every single Saturday morning when I go to the gym. I’m not about to shower before the gym, where I’ll be dripping sweat in less than 10 minutes.
  5. Pics of my family. It’s funny, but we have hardly any pictures of just the three of us. Usually I’m the one taking photos, which means I’m rarely in them. So whenever I do come across a picture of all three of us, even if it’s from a silly photo booth at a wedding, I save it so one day we can reminisce.
  6. Sweet potato chips. Once again, thank you Trader Joe’s. When I want mexican food, I normally make taco salads. But every once in a while, it’s nice to pile some fixings on top of a bed of chips. Enter: sweet potato chips.
  7. ¬†50+ SPF. Now I know they say that anything over 30 SPF doesn’t really matter, but try telling yourself that when you have a baby. James Michael is heading to the beach in less than a month, and even though¬†I’ll be¬†keeping¬†him inside during the hot parts of the day, he’ll have to face the sun at some point. Arming myself¬†with SPF 50¬†makes¬†me feel like I’m protecting him as much as possible.
  8. Baby speedo. Because speedos look much cuter on a baby than a grown man. JM’s first trip to the pool was Sunday, and now that we’ve figured out how much he likes it, we’re planning on using our pool more this summer than we have in the entire 8 years James has owned the condo.
  9. Pacifiers. I have a feeling our brief appreciation of pacis may develop into a love/hate relationship in the coming months, but for now, they’re a great way to help calm down an overtired baby.
  10. Bluebird studs.¬†Now, I know I recently said that Nordstrom is my favorite place to by studs, and that’s still true, but I love this little pair of bluebird studs I came across at Target. I also got a couple summery necklaces at Target in yellow, teal and aqua (yes, those are two different colors!).
  11. EOS lip balm. My mom turned me on to this lip balm, and I love it for the same reason she does: it’s super easy to locate in your purse. And it doesn’t hurt that the flavors are great. I purchased mine from Walgreens, and I’m sure most any grocery store or Target stocks them as well.
  12. Target bathing suits. It seems I’m on a Target roll this month. Since it’s right next to my office, Target is both dangerous and convenient. I regress. I purchased two new mix-n-match bathing suits from Target this year, and I love this bandeau top. I got it in Black and Cirque (a fancy name for coral).