Officially RV Owners

Alone and armed with three kids while driving in a torrential downpour, I slowly made my way down the interstate yesterday morning to meet the private seller of a fifth wheel at the seller’s credit union. As soon as I parked, the rain let up and I walked in the doors with one child strapped on my back, another child strapped in a stroller clutching snacks and one child holding my hand while clutching a tablet for entertainment. My three bodyguards were the perfect cover for transporting the unmarked envelope filled with cash that was tucked under my arm.

officially ours RV

Despite the weather and the correlating traffic, the buying process went off without a hitch (even the kids were well behaved). It’s official—we are now the proud owners of a 2012 Forest River Sandpiper 365SAQ fifth wheel.

After scouring multiple times a day and visiting a couple RV dealerships, we came across this single-owner used fifth wheel that was just a few miles away. This RV happened to be the only one nearby with a bunk house in our price range and year range, and the first time we saw it I knew it was a great deal. It was in impeccable shape and the seller was motivated—two things that are often hard to find together. So after a couple visits and inspections, we jumped on it.

We’ll do a complete walk through (maybe even a video!) soon, but for now we have to get the fifth wheel hitch installed on our dually truck so we can transport the RV. We’ll store it in a nearby storage unit parking lot until we are ready to hit the road. More details on that once we know more ourselves. But the countdown is on, even if we don’t have an exact date yet.

It’s hard to believe that this will be our new home in a matter of few weeks!

sandpiper 365SAQ floorplan