20 Health Benefits of Simply Getting Outside

20 Health Benefits of Simply Getting Outside

Simply being outside in nature is so beneficial for people at any age or at any stage of health. Life is filled with varying tensions, from health issues to overwhelming busyiness and to-do lists to the pressure of making life-altering decisions.

Just last month, I was handed some hard news about my baby concerning possible food allergies. I could have immediately jumped on the Internet to see what Dr. Google had to say. But instead, I popped the baby in the stroller and headed outside for a walk. The fresh air and sunshine helped to steel my racing thoughts—and of course, being outside made the baby happy.

Being outside grounds us. Oftentimes, nature is a mini-escape from life’s stresses and busyness. It helps us to slow our pace and soak up the natural world around us. Arguably, it is the best prescription for one’s health with the least possible side effects.

So the next time you need to de-stress, relax, reflect or detach, don’t forget to simply get outside. Here are my top benefits for getting outdoors.

20 Health Benefits of Simply Getting Outside

  1. Reinvigorates the body by breathing in fresh air
  2. Improves your mood
  3. Inspires activity and exercise
  4. Offers a break from technology
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Reactivates the body by basking in sunlight/natural light
  7. Reignites creative juices
  8. Boosts Vitamin D levels
  9. Sharpens kids’ imaginations and functional problem-solving skills
  10. Lowers blood pressure
  11. Helps to regulate sleep cycles
  12. Spurs positivity
  13. Encourages a slower pace of life
  14. Reduces mental fog, anxiety and depression
  15. Improves immune system functions
  16. Increases focus and concentration
  17. Encourages contentedness and minimalism
  18. Increases energy
  19. Uncovers natural beauty and awe elements
  20. Encourages gratefulness

Why are you drawn to go outside?

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