10 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy School Mornings

Whether you have one kid or four (like me!), school mornings always seem to be a bit crazy. There’s the hustle and bustle of making sure backpacks are properly packed, homework or forms are signed and everyone gets out the door to the mom minivan or school bus stop on time. It seems like one of my boys always forgets to brush his teeth so we are scrambling at the last minute. Please tell me it gets easier once they hit middle school?!?

Gone are the slow-paced summer mornings when I could make pancakes from scratch and actually take my time cooking them (aka after I drank my coffee.) So I’ve had to change up my kids’ breakfast options to make them quick and easy since Mama is the main shepherd getting everyone out the door. Having a list of quick and healthy breakfast options not only makes mom life easier, but my kids’ lives smoother since it helps ensure we get out the door on time.

healthy breakfast ideas

If your weekdays are not only early but rushed, consider these 10 quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy school mornings.

10 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy School Mornings

1. Homemade oatmeal with all the fixings. Think nut butters, coconut butter, dried fruit, fresh fruit, honey, yogurt, toasted coconut flakes, nuts, seeds, cinnamon.

2. “Healthier” cereal topped with fruit. Look for a more natural cereal with less unrecognizable or artificial ingredients and low sugar.

3. Banana topped with peanut butter, sunflower seed butter or a nut butter. The addition of a nut butter will help this breakfast satiate your kids.

4. Scrambled eggs topped with cheese or salsa. Scrambled eggs only take a couple minutes to whip up and are a great source of protein.

5. Three-ingredient blender pancakes. Use this recipe for the whole family or reduce by two-thirds to make enough pancakes for two kids. This nutrient-dense recipe will keep your kids full all morning.

6. Smoothie. Make a healthy and filling smoothie using yogurt, peanut butter and banana or even spinach.

7. Yogurt and granola. Avoid sugary yogurts and look for plain Greek yogurt. Top with granola and even fresh fruit.

8. Toast topped with a nut or seed butter and sliced banana. Opt for a denser, more nutritious bread like Ezekiel bread (made from sprouted grains), rye bread, oat bread, multigrain bread or whole grain bread.

9. Scrambled egg burrito. Stuff a corn, flour or even grain-free tortilla (Siete brand) with a scrambled egg, cheese and salsa.

10. Egg sandwich. An egg sandwich can be a simple as a fried egg or scrambled eggs between two pieces of toast. Add cheese or jelly for more flavor.

healthy breakfast ideas

What are your go-to breakfast ideas for busy school mornings?