really? you’re already 6 weeks?

James Michael,
During the past couple weeks, you’ve really been quite the active and social little man. With the unseasonably warm weather, we’ve gone on walks in neighborhoods, the Silver Comet Trail and Swift-Cantrell Park.

When you were just a month old, we ventured to daddy’s gym, and the jury is still out on how you feel about it. On our first visit, you did great for 30 minutes as mommy warmed up before the workout. But as soon as you heard the two minute countdown until the workout began, you realized you were hungry so you nursed and mommy did the workout afterwards by herself. We made it to the gym three times our first week back, and you’re slowly getting used to the lighting and sounds of music and weights dropping. Mommy’s still figuring out how to make it to the gym without interfering with your nap schedule, which seems to vary a bit every day.

You also attended the second party of your life when you tagged along to a Super Bowl party. Sure, we only stayed until halftime, but you managed to win the heart of one woman who graciously held you for two hours while you slept so Mama could mingle.

I’m not sure what you think about your new mobile. You watch it like a hawk, but it doesn’t make you smile. So far, you really only smile and coo when people talk to you.

Aunt Ellen slept in your room one night as she was passing through town. You showed quite good manners when you were kind enough to start the night off by sleeping an almost five hour stretch. Your paranoid Mama woke up about 4 hours into your sleep stretch and tiptoed into your room to make sure you were breathing–and thankfully you were, but just in a deep slumber.

After your bath, you talked and talked to Aunt Ellen. I think you were telling her how much you love being naked wearing just a diaper. Don’t worry little man, this summer you’ll have your wish. It’s just a little too cold now.


Pop and Meme also stopped by to see you on their way through town. Despite the look on your face here, you were happy to see them and cooed and talked for them too. Now that you’ve found your voice, you love to talk back to people.