The Move and Real Life Minimalist Feature

the move

Just popping in today to report that the move this past weekend was successful. As I disclosed on Instagram, we decided to move ourselves this time, pretending that we aren’t in our mid-thirties and that not using a moving company wasn’t a big deal. Thankfully, we had some great friends (who also CrossFit) who spent 10+ hours helping us.

guys uhaul

We are roughly 75% unpacked. And when I say unpacked, I mean that we are living with only the necessities. I have spent the past 10 months minimizing our stuff in anticipation of selling our home and beginning our RV adventure. Despite less stuff, we still had a lot to move.

unpacked furniture

We considered selling all our furniture, but when the option of storing it at my Grandma’s vacant house popped up, we jumped at the chance. Now, when we do put down roots again after our RV trip, we won’t have to refurnish an entire house.

And speaking of minimalism, check out my post on today talking about why I was drawn to minimalism.

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