Why I Switched from Natural Facial Products to Rodan + Fields

This post has been a long time coming. As silly as it sounds, I’ve wrestled with my thoughts and rationale, wondering how I would explain myself and my decisions after publishing past blog posts that contradict what I’m about to write.

In a nutshell, I’m going to tell you why the girl who endorsed natural, organic beauty products made the switch to Rodan + Fields products. You’re probably raising your eyebrows, wondering how I could be a sellout to the natural beauty movement or simply hoping I don’t clog your newsfeed. Either way, just hear me out.

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The Backstory

Last summer, when my youngest of three was about 7 months old and I had hit the 4-year mark of limited sleep, I called up a friend who sells Rodan + Fields and told her I wanted to give it a shot, that I was tired of looking worn out and blah.

Truthfully, my face reflected what my body felt. Physically, I was sleep deprived and stretched thin, but despite that I could tell an improvement in my skin after using the Rodan + Fields Redefine regime for nearly three months. Of course, when it came time to reorder my regime, I asked my friend to postpone it. Why? Because a) it was expensive and we were trying to minimize not just things but spending in anticipation of our year-long RV adventure, and b) because I wanted to use natural or organic beauty products.

Fast forward nine months, and I’ve tried countless natural beauty products: shampoos, facial oils, foundations, mascaras, face cleansers, lotions, etc. I’ve found effective natural shampoos that actually sud, an organic CC cream that I love and a natural mascara that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. But what I haven’t found is a great skin regime that works for me.

I don’t have perfect skin, but I don’t have horrible skin either. I can use makeup to fake brightness, but without makeup (which is me 75% of the time now and likely 100% of the time on our RV trip) my skin is a bit dull. And the more I age, the more I notice the emergence of darker spots, expanding pores and fine lines. And that doesn’t even include the monthly hormone-prompted blemishes that have gotten worse post-babies (what?!).

So yes, I’ve found several natural organic facial oils that leave my face super moisturized and soft. But that’s where the benefits end. Have they brightened my face, evened my skin tone or helped minimize my pores or fine lines? Nope. Have they actually caused more facial blemishes in the form of clogged pores since using them? Maybe.

I could blame my skin on my hormone roller coaster due to three babies in less than three years. I could blame my skin on the fact that I love cheese, and dairy is commonly linked to breakouts. I could blame my skin on my lack of sleep since having children, and the fatigue that comes from caring for kids in general. I could blame my skin on the fact that I work out a few times a week, which means lots of sweating. There are so many reasons I could cite.

But they don’t really matter. Because despite all those reasons, Rodan +Fields has been the only facial care routine that has cut through all those maybe-sorta reasons. The Redefine regime worked despite the fact that I was waking up a couple times at night with my baby. It worked despite what foods I ate. It worked despite my fatigue. And it worked despite my sweaty workout tendencies.

rodan + Fields


My Rationale

Do I wish Rodan + Fields used all natural ingredients? Yes. But do I think Rodan + Fields products would be as effective if they used all natural ingredients? No. I’ve used a slew of natural facial products and none have come close to the changes I’ve seen in my skin from using Rodan + Fields.

Do I still bathe my kids with organic bath soaps? Yes.

Do I still use aluminum-free deodorant? Yes.

Do I still oil pull with organic coconut oil? Yes.

But do I still put synthetic diapers on my kids? Yes.

Do I still indulge in Chick-fil-a from time to time? Yes.

Do I still use gasoline to fuel my car? Yes.

Do I still get my daily dose of chocolate? Yes.

The way I see it, much of life is a balancing act—balancing work, family life, school, social life, etc. It’s about balancing the get-tos and the have-tos. I’ve taken this same balanced approach to my own self-care and that of my family’s.


  1. This is so similar to my experiences with natural skincare! I tried many products from natural skincare ranges to rosehip oil. Nothing worked. Now I’m a Nutrimetics consultant (It’s called something else in the US, but Nutrimetics in NZ and Aus) and my skin has never looked better! I definitely think a marriage between nature and science is the way to go. Good luck with your business! Direct selling skincare is fun!

    1. Yes, I love the idea of natural products too, but I want them to be effective and good for my skin. Balance is where it’s at for me. Thank you and best of luck with Nutrimetics!

  2. I saw your blog about Rodan and Fields and wondered if you would mind if I shared it on my Facebook page. I’m a “newbie” at R&F, and your article answered so many questions. I just made EC, and am trying to get my business off the ground, and it’s starting to, just very slowly!
    I didn’t want to post this without your permission, and would completely understand if you would rather I didn’t.

    1. Hi and congrats! Yes please share freely. I feel like there is a huge movement to natural products but I have found that R+F products are so much more effective.

      1. Thanks Haley,
        I shared from your Facebook page, and liked your page as well … can’t wait to follow your cross-country adventure!

      2. Hi Haley!!

        Just wanted to say that I appreciate this blog post so much. As a toxin-aware mom of 3 girls, I am constantly trying to minimize toxin exposure for myself and my family. But I started selling Rodan + Fields a year ago for the EXACT same reasons you did, and I could not be happier with my experience and my skin. It is about minimizing toxin exposure, and it’s a balancing act like you say. So thank you for your extremely well-articulated post. Would you mind if I share it on my Facebook page?

        Thanks again.

        1. Absolutely, feel free to share. Yes I figured I wasn’t the only woman out there who felt it was about balance.

          1. Awesome article.. I have many potential clients who want me to weigh in on the natural skincare lines vs. R+F, and I love how you articulated this. Very well said! May I share this too? Thank you!

  3. I too am a mom and breastfeeding. And every day I look at my skin and think to myself, “Soon. Soon your skin will look great.” The reason I am waiting? I have been told by three friends who sell R+F that I shouldn’t use it while breastfeeding. Too many chemicals which leach into breast milk.
    True? (I’d like it to not be true so I can get a move-on and start repairing my skin!)

      1. Thank you so much for your story! I am a new mom with problem skin that has only gotten worse since my daughter was born. I have several friends who are R & D consultants and I am dying to try unblemish or redefine. I have heard the same thing as Alyson when it comes to being pregnant and nursing. Any thoughts you have regarding the chemicals would be greatly appreciated. I use non toxic products on my daughter and in our home, along with aluminum free deodorant. But I am with you, when it comes to other personal care products, it is hard to find good stuff. Thank you!

          1. I would also love more info on this! I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and have a 13 month old. My skin has been a hot mess for most of my life – but is always even worse with pregnancy and postpartum hormones. I am about to take the dive into R&F (also giving up on more natural skincare routines that simply are not and have not been working) – but have also heard concerns about the chemicals and pregnancy and later breastfeeding!

          2. I am struggling with the same!!! Trying to get pregnant but my face is terrible. Would love to use the products but not sure about the chemicals! Any advice? Thank you!

          3. Hi Haley!

            I would also be interested in more information regarding the chemicals used in the R+F products!

            Thank you!

            Danielle Watt

          1. I tried to email you at the gmail account listed in the end of the blog post and it bounced back. Here is what I wrote:

            Good morning,

            Your post really spoke to me. My aunt started using R+F 3 years ago and I would’ve tried it then, but I was still nursing. Now I’m nursing my second kid, who just turned 1, and feel like I have the same excuse. I also struggle with the balance between natural beauty regimes and synthetic additives, especially on my skin (which then absorb into my body). I use essential oils, too, and my daily routine is coconut oil with frankincense…but, like you, my lines aren’t shrinking, my face is dull when the moisturizer has been fully absorbed, and I feel like I’m showing my age on my face. I’m 37.

            I’d love to have a longer conversation with you about R+F and how I can justify starting it for myself given that I freak out over food dyes, for example, as something I very heavily avoid for me and my family.


    1. I would also love more info regarding chemicals in these products and pregnant/nursing moms, please!

    2. Hi there, just reading this article for the first time and the comments 🙂 I just wanted to say that for sure in Canada there are no R+F ingredients that are likely to be harmful in breastfeeding and pregnancy. However, you’ll find that for most everything, including medications (I’m an NP) we always begin with the statement “discuss with your healthcare professional”. Many things have not been trialed in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Why? There’s risk. Its safer to say not to use! Just some thoughts!! Risk vs benefit scale.

      1. Hi Christy. One of the first things I do when I email people is provide a link to the list of ingredients and suggest that the best way for peace of mind is running the list by their doctor.

  4. Hi there! I am also a R+F PC turned consultant after using REVERSE for 3 months. Your story is captivating. The pull between organic and something that WORKS is so real for so many. I love the way you broke it down….life is all about choices. We want to take care of our skin… These products are anti-aging at it’s best. Use them and cut out something else…like your processed food lunch. I would love to post your story if it would be ok. Good luck and safe travels!

  5. I also have left my natural products in search of better skin with Rodan and Fields! I am wondering what cc cream you found of course!

  6. This is me to a “T”!!!!! To find a balance is so important. I love my all natural products but feel the same about my skin care – or I did until I started using R&F!! I LIKED what I used – just didn’t LOVE it (or my skin when using it). I LOVE R&F and my skin now!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

  7. Hi Haley, I think we are TWINS… your post resonates SO much with me, right down to the aluminum-free deodorant, sweaty workouts, and daily chocolate. I too just started using and selling R+F for the same reasons you gave.
    Would you mind sending me an email with your pregnancy and breastfeeding info?

      1. Hi Haley,

        Thank you for sharing your story. I have recently started using and selling R+F. I am a breastfeeding mom and was wondering if you could send me your email on pregnancy and breastfeeding?
        Thank you so much,


          1. Hi there! I too am a breastfeeding mama, but I’m interested in Rodan & Fields skincare…could you send me the email as well? Thanks!

          2. Hi I am curious about what you did when breastfeeding and pregnancy as well
            My sister told me to use smooth during pregnancy because it has the least chemicals.
            I am just curious for the next time around.
            Thank you

    1. Hi! I’m also a R+F consultant! I can’t wait to share your post on my FB page because I have lots of friends who won’t try R+F because it isn’t NATURAL. I’d also love your info about pregnancy and breastfeeding!
      Thanks so much!!
      Rebecca Carter

  8. This is so great. I relate to so many of the things you mentioned in this
    Post and initially kind of felt like a sell out for using R+F after years of trying natural skin care products, but the thing that I can’t deny is that R+F products WORK! Balance in all things .

    1. Hi Lindsey. I too tried so hard to find natural products that improved my skin, but nothing came close to R+F products. Balance is key for me!

  9. Hi Haley,
    I have wanted to get R+F for a while now (tired mom of a 2 yo), but being pregnant makes me a bit hesitant. I would appreciate infomation about your experience as well as product ingredient list if possible. Thanks so much.

  10. Thank you so much for this story. I am a fellow R+F consultant and have had a few no’s because of this. I would like to repost your story if you don’t mind. I have liked your Facebook page as well to hopefully share future stories!

  11. Looks like your getting lots of requests about you pregnancy and breastfeeding info. Good to know there are so many in the boat with me! Could you send it to me too?

  12. Hi I am very early on in my journey to using non toxic products and like you have found something I love for most things, but not skin care. I was sold until reading through the comments with the hesitations while nursing…could you further educate me on this please?

  13. This is so awesome! Love your experience and love your new adventure know your RV! My Husband and I talked about going on a RV adventure! I am a RF consultant and am curious about the ladies that are nursing! Can you give me some info on that or is it on our website? Thank you

  14. Thank you for writing this! I, too, am a bit of a crunchy momma and was hesitant on R+F products! But golly dang it, they work! Like you said, it’s all about balance.

  15. Another breast feeder here! Could u send me the info/ingredients that potentially dangerous? I’ll likely wait til I’m no longer nursing to try, why risk, but would like the info for even after. Thanks!

  16. Our family is talking about doing a year of RV life soon and because of our R+F business we could make this happen!! LOVE this article, will be sharing it! We eat organic, but organic groceries don’t help my acne!! 🙂

  17. Hi! Gosh, you have penned my thoughts exactly! Thank you so much for this article!

    I also recently became a consultant with R +F. Can you send me the info on pregnancy/breastfeeding?

    Thanks and enjoy every moment of your adventure!

  18. I LOVE this post! I too have struggled with the balance of Natural vs. What actually works, and Rodan + Fields are the only skincare products I have used that truly give me Beautiful, Glowing Skin. My husband and I adventured around the country in an RV for 2 years and recently settled in FL. One of my biggest regrets is that I waited until after we settled to sign up as an R+F consultant! It’s a great way to make some extra income on the road. Good Luck and Happy Travels to you and your family! You guys will have a blast!

  19. Great article! I feel exactly the same way. I have been considering trying R+F for awhile and now that I’m pregnant my skin is not doing well so that’s even more motivation. Would you mind sending me your info on pregnancy and breastfeeding before I made my decision? Thank you!

  20. Hi! I read your article and I loved it! I very recently began selling R&F and I was wondering if I could use your FB link in some reach outs/ FB posts? I hope your RV travels keep getting bigger and better!

    Thank you!

  21. Hi! Thank you for this message on so many counts!! I too sell R+F and currently breastfeed my fourth child, you have made me feel so much better about my choice! I love the product and what is has done for my skin and my personal growth. I would love to use your message here to share with other woman in my shoes. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the product and breastfeeding. Can you please share you email woth me as well on your thoughts of breastfeeding and the product? Thanks so much! I’m intrigued by your journey in a motorhome.

  22. Great article, Haley!! I too am an RF consultant. Dealt with acne most of my life until Unblemish came to the rescue. Knew I had to get in on this and sharing it with others. Would love you info about breastfeeding mamas. Thanks!!

  23. Hi! I am also a breastfeeding mama, PC turned R+F consultant. Very new, just in the last few weeks! Would love your thoughts on breastfeeding and using the R+F products. I didn’t use the products when pregnant, but it seems safe while nursing? Anyway, would love your thoughts. Also, it is ok to post your story on my FB page? Thanks so much!! And good luck on your travels 🙂

  24. Hey what mascara did you use? Also can you please send me the info on nursing moms? Thanks

    1. I knew there had to be others out there. I saw on your blog you are into minimizing–me too! Definitely life changing!

  25. I was just thinking about trying R&F but am pregnant and will be breast feed g for at least 1 year. I would lie an email too regarding this and your experience. Thanks.

  26. Hi! Great post. I’m currently breastfeeding my 4 month old and just started using the Redefine line
    but would love to try Reverse when I’m done nursing. Could you send me the info for breastfeeding moms as well? Thanks so much!

  27. Hi! Could you also send me information on pregnancy and breastfeeding and using the skin care line at the same time? Thank you

  28. Hi Haley,

    I’m another breastfeeding mom and I am currently using R+F products. Could you send me the info you have regarding nursing and using the products? Thanks!

  29. Hi there! I loved your blog on why you switched from organic to R and F. Perfectly written. I know youve given permission to share to other reps. I am just going to ask you if I may share as well? I’m a month in, trying to build business and I think your story will resonate with a few people I know who share(d) your POV on organic and are reluctant to try. I’m also looking forward to reading about your family’s roadtrip adventure. How cool is that?! What great memory making! Thank you!

  30. Hi. I just recently became a consultant, and I’m breastfeeding. Would you please send me some info. Thank you

  31. Hi – could I be added to your list of getting the info about breastfeeding. I’m interested in the unblemish regimen. Thank you for sharing your info and passion for health!

  32. Would love to see your info on using R&F while pregnant or breastfeeding. Thank you for sharing.

  33. new R+F consultant! Also new mommy! Can you send me an email with the info on breastfeeding?? Loved your blog post!!

  34. Hi Haley,
    I see that you have given permission for sharing but wanted to ask personally, also. Although I am not breastfeeding or pregnant, I am way past that point in my life , I would like to have the information you are sharing via email also as I have many young friends and potential customers with those concerns. Yes, I am a fellow R+F consultant…and also a fellow RV’er.

    My husband and I are hoping to have an extended trip like yours when we retire in a couple of years. My hat’s off to you for doing it with 3 little ones.

    Thank you for your perspective that you have shared with us and I wish you a memorable, snafu-free, and very enjoyable and educational journey. I look forward to your info via email.

  35. Hi Haley! Thank you SO much for sharing this information! Im a fellow RF Consultant and cant say enough about how these products have torally changed my skin when nothing else would! I tried all natural too, to the point of using essential oils and coconut oil. Knkw what I do now, it’s quite obvious why i didnt get positive results! Haha! Could you send me the email on breastfeeding as well? I know I have friends that have been scared off by people selling organic skincare because they are pregnant or nursing. I don’t have kids so I’m not sure what to tell them besides take these ingredients to your Dr, which makes them think they shouldn’t be using it. Though they all really want to! Thank you so much!

  36. Hi Haley-
    I just read your article via a friend’s FB page. It resonated with me as I too am concerned with unnecessary exposure to toxins and chemicals, but am looking for an effective skin regime. Furthermore, I am currently breastfeeding and hope to have more children in the near future. Would you mind emailing me your story and experience using these products while breastfeeding/pregnant? I appreciate your time.


  37. I feel like you went in my head and wrote this article for me/about me. I recently joined for the same reasons. Thank you for writing this. I noticed a few folks asking about your breastfeeding experience. I would like to learn about that as well. Have a few folks that reached out to me but were nursing.
    Thanks so much and keep looking beautiful!

  38. Hey there! Like so many of these posts, I needed to read this and was so grateful for what you shared. B/c of health and especially endocrine issues, we have gone to as much natural chemical-free etc as possible. My mom bought me R+F as a special gift. I am so grateful and excited (I need it 😉 but we are looking at our last embryo transfer in 3 months and I am concerned if I should start on these right now or not. Would you mind sending me the email you have mentioned in the above post about pregnancy and breastfeeding etc?
    Thank you!

  39. Hi! This is fantastic! I’m also expecting and plan to breastfeed. Would you send me the info?

  40. Thank you for writing your experience with natural/organic facial products.

    A friend sent me this article and I was wondering why! Now I know. We have similar tastes in brands and items we’ve tried.

    My hesitation with Rodan and Fields is if it is safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy. When I completed the survey in the site it said the sensitive line would be best, however ideally I would like more than just a clean face.

    Have you used this while breastfeeding?

  41. Thanks for sharing your story! This is a great article. I would love to be able to share it on my FB page. Good luck on your year long cross country road trip!!!!!

  42. Hi Haley! This is a great post about natural vs R+F. Thank you for posting! I just took the plunge with R+F myself after trying many (too many) natural products for my skin. I’m curious about the breastfeeding info you have if you would please also share with me! I hope your RV trip is amazing!

  43. Hi Haley, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! As a new consultant, I’ve struggled with this as well. I tried everything I could that was natural and organic to no avail. R+F is working, but it goes against my mission of minimizing toxins in my life. I’ve come to realize that when I am really sick (which is rare these days, but it happens), I don’t mind taking medicine to heal my illness, so it also makes sense to use medicine to heal my skin. I love your point about balance. I wore myself out trying to get it perfect and now I aim for balance as well! I would like to share your article on FB. Also, would you mind sending me your pregnancy/breastfeeding info? I have some friends that I would love to share the information with!

  44. Hi! I’ve been using these products for a couple of months and I’m still on the fence : /
    I’m also nursing a 6 month old. My doctor gave me the ok for use while nursing, but I would like to hear about your experience with the products and nursing. Thank you!

  45. Thank you for this! I am also an R + F consultant and although I have not tried all natural skin care, I have tried a LOT of other brands, and R + F is what works, hands down! I would like to share this, if that’s OK.

  46. Hi Haley!
    Thanks for the info! Could you tell me what mascara you found that you love that doesn’t irritate your eyes because I have recently just stopped wearing mascara all together because I’m so sensitive. Also please send me the information you have on breastfeeding and using these products since they are not all natural.

  47. Hi, thanks so much for this post! Right there with you, with the struggle to keep using natural products versus R+F. Still nursing and would appreciate the info on using the products when pregnant and breastfeeding.

    Thanks so much!

  48. What CC cream and mascara do you use?! I have the same sensitive eyes and only wear CC cream! This is totally me! I tried everything and now sell Rodan and Fields!

  49. Hi Haley, I would love to share this with your permission. It is PERFECT! Would also appreciate an email with your info about pregnancy etc and the R&F products. I am a consultant for a year and a half. So enjoyed your blog. Thank you!