New Year; New Word

The past few weeks, I’ve anticipated the New Year, mulling over my hopes and goals and reflecting on how I can be better–a better wife, better mom, better Haley.

Though it’s quite popular at the start of each new year, I don’t ever recall declaring a word as my focus for the year. But the last few months, one word keeps popping up in my mind and I feel like it describes my focus for 2017:


  • one who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person or cause
  • one who intercedes on behalf of another
  • one who supports or promotes the interests of another
  • one who publicly supports a particular way of doing things

I know it sounds a bit vague, but I feel like being an advocate is my calling this year. It’s about supporting my husband in his small business endeavors. It’s about encouraging my oldest son as he starts kindergarten and doing my best to find the right education solution for him. It’s about being my middle child’s champion and pushing for the very best medical care as we continue to learn how to manage his chronic illness. Personally, it’s about speaking up when it’s more comfortable to stay quiet. It’s about being an advocate for those in need and figuring out how to best serve others.

This year kicks off with a bunch of unanswered questions–possibly from you but definitely as I reflect on life myself. What’s the deal with RVing? When are you putting down roots again? What about James Michael’s schooling? What’s the next step with Beau’s chronic condition? Involved in any new small business ventures? I will try my best to answer these questions and more as we work to figure out the answers ourselves.

I love the New Year–the fresh starts, the new slates, the endless possibilities. Despite the fact that the New Year kicks off the cold winter season, I’m excited for 2017 in spite of all the unknowns.

Wishing you and yours a happy New Year!

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