2015 Fall Family Pictures

Most all women I know love having family pictures taken. It’s not that we love finding a photographer, scheduling a date and time (that doesn’t interrupt naptime), finding outfits that coordinate but aren’t too matchy-matchy, getting our kids dressed, convincing our husband to go, dealing with uncooperative children or bribing said children in the hopes we get just a handful of decent shots. No, most of us love family photos because they capture just a glimpse of the stage of life in which we’re entrenched.

For my family, these pictures show the craziness that is life with three little ones. It misses the moments of frustration, dwindling patience and exhaustion (thank you under-eye concealer). But focuses more on these lively, energetic, independent-minded, loving, spirited kids of mine. At this stage, there is no such thing as that perfect family shot where everyone is smiling at the camera. And that’s ok, because that is currently not real life…and I have a feeling may never be for our crew.

A huge thank you to our photographer Christy Parry, who put up with our crazy antics on a frigid morning. She also took our first-ever family pictures in 2012.

Fall 2015 Family Pictures (James Michael nearly 4; Beau 2; Scarlett 11 months)

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Past Family Pictures


Spring 2015 Family Picture (James Michael 3; Beau 21 months; Scarlett 4 months)

family bed looking at scarlett

December 2014 Family Pictures (James Michael nearly 3; Beau 17 months; Scarlett 1 week)


June 2014 Family Picture (James Michael 2.5 years; Beau 10.5 months; 11 weeks pregnant with Scarlett)

2013 family photo

November 2013 Family Picture (James Michael nearly 2 years; Beau 4.5 months)

2012 family pictures

November 2012 Family Pictures (James Michael 11 months; 6 weeks pregnant with Beau)