2012 family photoshoot

It only took 11 months for me to get my act together, but we finally got some family photos in early December.

Christy Parry stepped in at the last minute to take some amazing shots at Smyrna Market Village (sorry though, she recently moved to London!).

There’s no point in writing a wordy intro. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves!

IMG_4759 IMG_4713 IMG_4750 IMG_4746 IMG_4733 IMG_4724IMG_4782 IMG_4793 IMG_4800 IMG_4811 IMG_4815 IMG_4819 IMG_4822 IMG_4836 IMG_4846 IMG_4856 IMG_4901 IMG_4893 IMG_4875 IMG_4870IMG_4942 IMG_4914 IMG_4936 IMG_4933 IMG_4931 IMG_4917