james michael: the toddler

Now that James Michael is over a year old, I’m pregnant with Beau and I haven’t been as diligent with Friday’s Letters from JM, I realize I’ve neglected sharing about my crazy little toddler. At just shy of 17 months, James Michael:

loves to run and is surprisingly steady and agile

can understand most everything we tell him and follow directions…when he wants to

only says a handful of words, the most popular being ‘this’ and ‘that’

loves the water, especially splashing and blowing bubbles

isn’t a big TV fan, but loves dancing to the theme songs of Super Why

is daring and prefers to slide head first or pretend he’s going to walk down

still needs two naps a day and 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night

often thinks it’s funny (aka chuckles) to be defiant when told no

sweats just as bad as his daddy

loves to wave, blow kisses and give hugs (finally!)

is happiest when he’s outside

loves chips and anything he can crunch with his front teeth

has a mighty personality pent up in a pint-sized body

sweaty toddler curls image (3) image (4) image image (1) image (2)

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