Five Years Ago

Five years ago, my 7 pound 6 oz. bundle of joy came into this world bright eyed and alert just before the New Year, and not much has changed in the past five years.

I posted this little ode to James Michael 1.5 years ago, who has the same personality today that he had at just a few weeks old. It’s amazing how a child’s personality is apparent soon after birth.

my firstborn

my line leader 

my know it all

my adventurer

my people person

my interrogator 

my first progenial love

You blonde hair has faded over the past year, and your mannerisms and attitude make it very clear that you’re a big boy and a first-born A-type kind of guy. You’re growing up–and fast–and it’s all we can do to keep pace with your questions as you take in the world around you.

In lieu of a big birthday party like last year, we opted to spend the day at the Georgia Aquarium this year (admission is free on your birthday!). We arrived at 9 a.m. and spent 6 hours exploring everything the venue had to offer. You loved all of the shows, especially the dolphin show and the 4-D theater shows. You loved seeing all the sea life, but refused to touch anything while Beau stuck his hand in every available water tank. Despite the quality of the pictures I took, we had an amazing time and left exhausted but happy.

I’m still in a bit of shock that turning 5 years old means you are officially school-aged and kindergarten begins next year. Happy Birthday James Michael!

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