my next fixer-upper

New Year’s Eve 2008 marked my first day working at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (great anniversary, right?!) In my tenure here, I’ve managed to decorate my cube¬†with only one personal item–a UGA cup that I use daily, so I’m thinking it might be more functional than decorative.

Across the cube street, I admit I’m a bit envious of my co-worker Lisa’s decorative touches.

Lisa’s cube is inspiring, but between the workday, commute to the gym, drive home and dinner preparation, my creative desire is stifled by the daily shuffle.

But, I truly believe that a creative work environment produces more creative work, so I’ve vowed to spruce up my own cube in an attempt to benefit from the constant flow of creative juices.

I’ve got just the color palette in mind for my fixer-upper. Stayed tuned for the unveiling…

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