workout recap: june 2-9

This was probably not the best time to start tracking my workouts, as I caught a summer cold last weekend. Or maybe it’s just proof that I’m human and everyone gets sick at some point 🙂 I’ll normally post a two-week workout recap, but because I just decided I wanted to start posting my workouts this weekend, my brain can’t think far enough back to what I did last week.

Saturday, June 2
Each 2-person team has 2 minutes to complete total reps at each station:
Wallballs 14lbs
Power Snatch 75lbs
Fireman’s carry 100ft
Overhead squat 55lbs

Notes: Great, hard workout. Power snatches were tough. My partner Amber is a firefighter and managed to hoist me over her shoulders. First time I’ve ever been carried like that. Never realized how much core you had to use so that your partner’s shoulder doesn’t go through your stomach. Ha! Managed to eek out 15 pullups the first time on the bar in round one, then 10 and 5 in that same round. Definitely happy with the 15 since I haven’t done max pullups in forever.

Sunday, June 3
James wanted to do a track workout with our friend Chris Bair, so I decided to do some laps with James Michael. After one lap, I thought the sun was too much for his little legs so we sat in the shade and watched daddy work out.

Tuesday, June 5
20-minute walk around neighborhood with James carrying James Michael

Wednesday, June 6
30-minute stroller walk on Bob Callan/Rottenwood Creek trail. I definitely wasn’t feeling great, but I figured it would let me spend time with my boy without getting him sick.

Thursday, June 7
20-minute walk around neighborhood with James Michael in front carrier

Friday, June 8
Run 400m
5 rounds of:
-10 dips (I scaled with blue band)
-10 deadlifts 105 lbs
-10 kettlebell swings 35lbs
-10 dumbell push presses 20lbs
Row 500m

Notes: Hard workout for me since I’ve been sick. Had to pace it.

Saturday, June 9
I ran the gym so James could go kayaking down the Broad River in Athens, so I missed my CrossFit workout. Probably for the best since I’m still recuperating.

Sunday, June 10
We were supposed to spend the day walking around Athens and capitalizing off college nostalgia. But rain and babies do not mix. So it looks like another rest day for me. I’m not complaining, and neither is this cold.