This is Two

beau slide cupcake

It’s hard to believe, but Beau (aka Beaudozer) is officially two years old. This past weekend, we celebrated his second birthday at home with a family party and he had a blast running around with his cousins.


He is the wildest of my kids, but apparently only shows that side of himself at home or with family members. Otherwise, he can be quite shy at church, school and when we’re out and about.


Some days, it feels like he’s still a baby as much as little Scarlett, but I’m starting to understand that he just needs lots and lots of touch and attention. I can’t always give him it when he wants it, but I’m trying to be more mindful of his needs.


He can love like nobody’s business, planting slobbery kisses on your lips before you even realize what happened. He is officially the best hug giver in the family, and will cling on with a grip so tight you’ll never want to let him go. And if you’ve got an open lap, he’s bound to climb up onto it, especially if your name is Mama and you’re already holding baby Scarlett.

What he doesn’t say with his limited (but growing) vocabulary, he makes up for with action. He is never still, even for mealtimes. He’s a brute and a hoss, and his upper body is already wider and thicker than his older brother’s. He can hold his own in brotherhood brawls, as big brother typically emerges with more battle wounds.


As the middle child, he is laidback and adaptable, but still loves to have fun and has a very limited sense of danger, which keeps Mama on her toes constantly.

beau lilly garden

Happy second birthday to my summer baby!