the blur called thanksgiving

On Wednesday, we traveled to Gainesville for the day before heading to see James’ family in Augusta on Thanksgiving Day.

We all chipped in to make several batches of my Grandma’s infamous dressing, which is absolutely different than stuffing.

Ellen and Whit had the task of dicing the onions. Of course, we’ve all heard about ways to avoid crying while dicing–chew gum, hold bread in your mouth, etc. But apparently Ellen has heard that if you hold a spoon in your mouth, it holds back the tears. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work for her. I’ll spare you the pictures of her red-eyed. Whit never teared up, despite holding nothing between her teeth. Maybe smiling constantly is a new trick.

I got down and dirty mixing up the dressing…

as my Grandma oversaw the effort, threatening to whack us with her wooden spoon should we step out of line 🙂

In the end, we managed to successfully make two large dishes of dressing and countless memories.

Thursday morning, James and I said goodbye to the Pilgrims and Lil’grims as we headed to Augusta.

Let me aplogize now for the lack of pictures. It seems I took the idea of vacation to the extreme and literally barely lifted a finger.

In Augusta, we enjoyed a gluttonous Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to Mrs. Hobson’s homecooking. As crazy as it sounds, my favorite dish was the green beans with tomatoes and bacon. Maybe it’s the bacon that had me wanting seconds, but it was certainly delicious. Besides dressing, I also contributed a Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake, which was rich, but not overly sweet.

After dinner, we played cards and Mexican train with James’ grandparents, who are always the highlight of our trips to Augusta.

In the middle of the night, the Hobsons experienced a slight plumbing problem that left squishy carpet and saturated hardwood floors. (Luckily it was clean water!) So Friday was filled with water-damage specialists and plumbers trying to correct the issue.

We attempted to watch the Iron Bowl, amid the men pulling up half the hardwoods and setting up massive fans to dry out the carpet and flooring.

This turn of events caused us to cut our trip short by a night and head back to drier footing in Atlanta. Of course, on our way home, we made a late-night pit stop at a sportsbar to visit a friend who was recording a band. I caught a second-wind and managed to stay out past midnight, but when we got home later the smoke that saturated our clothes was stifling. I can’t believe they still let people smoke inside!
Saturday morning, we were up and at it for a morning workout at CrossFit Addiction, and then headed to the Browns that night to experience another tasty Thanksgiving meal and watch the Dawgs play.
It was a great end to our Thanksgiving break. Now, it’s time to see how many holiday events we can pack in before Dec. 25. On the horizon is a tacky Christmas sweater party, tickets to Ovo, my work holiday party, girls’ night out, a friend’s birthday party, a friend’s graduation party and a friend’s home-brewing Christmas party. And I’d really like to host a get-together at our place, but I’m not sure there are enough weekends left!
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