the best things come in threes

Though I’ve already announced it on Facebook and Instagram, I realize there may be a couple people who follow my blog who have yet to hear the big news.

baby 3 announcement


Baby #3 is coming this December!

If you’re doing the math and getting a bit confused, don’t worry. We really are crazy. When this little bundle arrives, James Michael won’t even be three years old yet. He and Beau are 18 months apart, and Beau and Baby #3 will be 17 months apart.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what it will mean to have two little boys running around with a newborn, but I’m hoping that they can entertain each other while we’re stuck inside all winter as I’m in the newborn haze. Wishful thinking? Yeah, maybe 🙂

Now that I’m exiting the first trimester and the nausea and exhausting fatigue is subsiding, I hope to start chronicling the journey of Baby #3 on the blog.