Scarlett Turns Two

On Dec. 16, my tiny girl turned two years old (despite the fact that she’s claimed to be two for a couple months.) Even though I refer to my kids as my babies frequently, it’s a weird feeling to no longer have a true baby in the house after nearly 5 years of back-to-back babies.

Scarlett Grace is in full-fledged toddler mode, wanting to do things herself and exploring her little world. She has learned the art of the tantrum, but more noteworthy, the endless realm of affection, offering hugs and kisses to all who request them. She isn’t close to giving up her thumb-sucking tendencies, and still prefers to hold someone else’s hand with her free hand for comfort.

When she hears any kind of music, she immediately breaks out into dance, sashaying her hips back and forth and spinning in circles. All of a sudden my little baby has flowered into a girly toddler. She’s just discovered baby dolls and princesses and dress up clothes.

But despite her softer girly side beginning to shine through, that doesn’t fool us too much because she is living up to her fiery name as she attempts to keep pace with her Rowdy brothers. Sometimes that may mean hitting or biting them to get her way or ensure she isn’t trampled over. Least to say, she may always be a bit on the tiny side, but she’s already learning how to be tough.

We held a small family birthday party this past weekend and she was on cloud nine with most of her favorite people in attendance. I cannot begin to imagine her little personality as it continues to develops. I have a feeling she will keep us on our toes for years to come.

Happy 2nd birthday Scarlett Grace!


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