live from hilton head

Yesterday, we happened to pass my parents and grandma on 75 South. And just like old times, we stoppped for lunch at a rest stop and picniced in the shade. Besides the Coconut Fried Chicken we packed, my mom brought homemade pimento cheese and chicken salad, fresh tomatoes and trail mix with M&Ms.

We finally got into our condo around 4 p.m., and let me tell you, the views are spectacular. It’s hard not to leave the rest of the world behind when all you see looking out the windows is ocean.

And they even decorated with some interesting pictures. I can’t figure out if this is supposed to make me feel good about myself, or if it will remind me not to let myself go on this trip.
Between us, we packed enough fruits and veggies to last the trip.
Or so we thought, until James ate breakfast this morning…
At this rate, our tomatoes will be gone in a matter of hours šŸ™‚
My mom’s and sister’s birthdays are in October, but I found the perfect gift, and decided it was well worth the early surprise to give it to them this trip.
My friend Sara, and her mom and sisters, had these bags when we vacationed in Clearwater. I absolutely loved them. TheseĀ Scout bags, by Bungalow areĀ made of 10% recycled polypropylene and are super light weight. Plus, this is one of the selling points: “Six pockets easily hold bottles of wine, Colt 45s or the main ingredients for a margarita.” Wow!
So when we got back to Atlanta, I promptly ordered threeĀ bags. And, as luck may have it, I got the last three of the season from elle B in Cumming, Ga. Thanks Mrs. Manning!
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