8 Signs You’re a Boy Mom with a Girl

kids leaf pile

When I was pregnant with my third child, I had an intuition it would be a boy. After all, we were really good at making boys and had two Rowdy boys to show for our efforts. So when we found out we were having a girl at the anatomy ultrasound, we were caught off guard but completely overjoyed. I had–and still have–no idea what to expect now that I’m a mom to a little girl. Most days, I still consider myself a boy mom because the Rowdy boys require so much of my attention.

In case you’re in the same boat, here are a few signs that you’re still a boy mom despite adding a little girl to the mix:

  1. You towel dry her hair.
    (And what’s more, you don’t even brush it.)
  2. You consider blue a unisex color.
    (Onesies, blankets, bibs, etc. are all fair game.)
  3. Her first make-believe sound mimics a superhero.
    (Scarlett pretends to shoot spider webs out of her wrist and makes the sound at the same time–just like the Rowdy boys.)
  4. She’s just as messy as your boys, and you’re OK with that.
    (Spaghetti stain on her shirt, peanut butter in her hair, avocado smashed on her pants.)
  5. She fights back with bites and head butts.
    (No tears when the Rowdy boys snatch a toy from her. Instead, she lunges for them and attacks.)
  6. She’s unaffected by loud noises.
    (These may include tantrums, dinosaur roars, whistles or wrestling sounds.)
  7. She doesn’t mind getting splashed with water.
    (In fact, she’ll happily stick her head under the bath faucet or blow bubbles in the tub.)
  8. The nursery walls are still painted blue.
    (Just add some pops of pink and voila, it’s a girl’s room.)

kids sliding together