14 week bump update


GENDER: Unknown. We will find out on March 12. Woohoo!

WEIGHT GAIN: 5 pounds. I know you’re wondering how I went from +1 to +5 in 3 weeks. Well, I told you I’ve been hungry 🙂 No, really though. With JM I know I gained 5 lbs by 12 weeks, so I was actually surprised it took me until 14 weeks for Baby 2. With JM I gained more the first 20 weeks and less (than the average woman) in the last trimester.

CRAVINGS: Baby is still hungry! But I have tried to cut out some of the more snacky (aka give-me-something-to-eat-now-because-I’m-starving) foods and replace them with prepared snacks. I also made three salads with smoked chicken for my lunches at work this week. It’s really all about preparation. Some things are worth the extra time. Good food is at the top of that list for me. I will willingly neglect cleaning to make a good meal.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still holding off. Bless you elastic.

SYMPTOMS: A twinge of heartburn the other night, but I fell asleep fast and woke up feeling normal. Another part of me wants to fast forward to summer. I know I need to enjoy this time I have just with James Michael, but I’m so excited to meet baby #2 that I get a little ahead of myself.

WORKOUTS: This week has been a great one for workouts. On Monday, I did an untimed metcon of 60 box jumps (24 inch), 50 toes to rings, 40 wallballs (14 lbs), 30 ground to overhead (65 lbs), 20 kettlebell swings (35 lbs) and 10 overhead squats (65 lbs). It was wonderfully exhausting. Then Tuesday I attended a 45-minute yoga classed offered at work during lunch and went on a walk with James Michael at The River to enjoy the 70 degree temperature that afternoon. And tonight and tomorrow, I’m CrossFitting again. Love love love active weeks like these. I feel better, I eat better, I smile more 🙂

14 weeks pregnant bump