About Me

I’m Haley, a thoroughbred Georgia girl in my late-thirties who has been blogging since 2010. I’m married to a serial entrepreneur, and together, we’re raising four kids. We believe that Jesus, family time, Vitamin N(ature), physical activity and healthy eating are the keys not just to surviving, but thriving in this life.

Day to day, I do my best to balance the roles of wife, mom, part-time freelancer and blogger.

Four years ago, we sold our home in the outskirts of Atlanta and moved an hour away to my hometown. Here, where the air is a little purer, the grass a little greener and the traffic much lighter, we have decided to put down roots. Between small businesses and a growing family, we’re not sure where the next path will lead, but we do know we’re in it together.

Contact me at hobsonhomestead@gmail.com.