I’m Haley, a thoroughbred Georgia girl attempting to balance motherhood, wifery and my independence.

I’m a (semi) stay-at-home mom to my three kids (ages 5, 3 and 2), while squeezing in some freelance social media management along with helping my husband, who is a serial entrepreneur. Recently, he’s sold two CrossFit gyms and now spends his time on a new start-up called Spider Chalk and managing a CrossFit competition league since 2010.

Last year, we sold our home in the outskirts of Atlanta and moved an hour away to my hometown. Here, where the air is a little purer, the grass a little greener and the traffic much lighter, we have decided to put down roots. We’re spending the next year looking for a little fixer upper (on a wistful piece of land) that we can transform into our literal Hobson homestead.

Contact me at hobsonhomestead@gmail.com.