Take Your Kids to See Warbington Farms in the Fall

We recently made our annual fall trek to nearby Warbington Farms, and as always, it did not disappoint. My kids left sweaty, tired and happy.

A week ago, I took the kids to Warbington Farms in Cumming, Ga., roughly 30 minutes from downtown Gainesville. Warbington Farms is a three-generation farm that is known for its U-pick strawberry season in the spring and pumpkin patch in the fall, as well as its kid-friendly features. The farm also hosts kid birthday parties and even weddings.

Throughout the year, the farm also holds special events on the weekends such as Field of Fears, Flashlight Corn Maze, PJs and Pumpkins, Farmer for the Day, Halloween Egg Haunt . . . and those are just some of the events scheduled this October. There are plenty of strawberry-focused events in the spring. Follow Warbington Farms on Facebook to see all the event listings.Warbington Farms in the Fall

Despite being mid September, it was still hot in Georgia and I’m so thankful we arrived right at 10 a.m. when the farm opened. We were all dressed in our University of Georgia best (except for my Beaudozer), and we spent the morning holding our own farm “tailgate” before the football game. It was $12 per person over age 3, which is a little steep for us, but we bit the bullet and my kids had a blast. The entrance fee gained us access to the fun park, hay ride, corn maze and barnyard.

Warbington Farms in the Fall

Every year that we visit Warbington Farms, they seem to add another point of interest for kids. I love that the area for kids is set up on a large slightly sunken field. This way, it’s easy to keep the kids in the right area as well as keep an eye on them at all times.

Warbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the Fall

My boys ran from play area to play area, while Scarlett tried her best to keep up with them. They loved the two slides, the jumping pillow, the playgrounds with big tires, the sandbox with hands-on diggers, the seesaw and more.

Warbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the Fall

When I asked my 6-year-old about his favorite part of the farm, he said he loved the corn crib. It sounds a bit crazy, but the corn crib is basically a huge wooden box full of dried corn kernels. In other words, a life-sized sensory bin. My kids could have played in it for hours, “swimming” in the corn, covering their bodies with the corn, filling up their shirts with corn, possibly throwing the corn (oops!).

Warbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the FallWarbington Farms in the Fall

My boys are allergic to several animals, so they skipped the barnyard. But my tiny girl explored the area with Grandma and especially enjoyed feeding and petting the kid goats.

The kids loved the tractor ride through the pasture, though they were scared to feed the cows when we stopped. And I can’t really blame them because these cows were used to being fed by hand and basically rushed the tractor’s trailer. At any rate, there were several calves cozied up with their mamas near a stream, which was super sweet to see.

Warbington Farms in the Fall

The kids ended their time at the farm with a trek through the corn maze while I keep Grady cool in the shade. (photo courtesy of Warbington Farms)

While our Warbington Farms visit didn’t feel quite as fall-ish as I had hoped, you can bet we’ll be back next year.

Warbington Farms in the Fall

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