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Easy Ways for Moms to Stay Active in Winter

It’s important for moms to stay active in winter to maintain our physical and emotional health. Here are great activity options when wintertime challenges make it difficult to stay active.

Whether it’s winter weather, sickness, busy schedules, or simply personal preference, it’s not always possible to make it to the gym consistently in the winter.

ideas for moms to stay active winter

Many of us have vowed to up our activity level for the New Year, but wintertime can pose many challenges to weekly habits—and some of these challenges are simply out of our control.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t squeeze physical activity into your schedule during the winter. In fact, it’s arguably more important to exercise in winter than in any other season.

Not only does physical activity improve your body’s physical performance through building strength and endurance. Think broader: It also lifts your mood, increases energy, improves sleep, reduces stress, evens out hormones, combats SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and a myriad of other health benefits (heart health, bone health, gut health, and more).

For the sanity of our households alone, we should embrace physical activity as moms.

Here are a few ideas for staying active without going to the gym that most of us moms can handle—even in wintertime with cold temperatures and shortened daylight hours. Check out my latest post for

What are your favorite ways for moms to be active in the winter?

Easy Ways for Moms to Stay Active in Winter


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