My Fitness Strategy for 2017

Fitness and health is all the buzz at the New Year, so I thought I’d give a quick update on where I stand when it comes to fitness.

Just a few months after I married my husband in 2008, he opened a Crossfit gym in the outskirts of Atlanta. I squeezed in three years of Crossfit before I started having kids, and since then my attendance has been spotty. I Crossfitted throughout all three pregnancies and was back in the gym at 4-6 weeks postpartum each time, but I typically made it to the gym twice a week–three times was a good week. I had to plan my workouts at a time when James wasn’t running the gym so he could watch the kids and I rarely worked out in the typical class experience. When he sold his gym a year ago and we moved to my hometown this past spring, we joined a local lifting gym that offered childcare in the late afternoon/early evening. We continued to Crossfit on our own there using the small selection of bumper plates available. It was a great gym, especially for those more focused on just lifting, but we weren’t pushing ourselves as much and I lost a bunch of strength and missed the class environment.

So that’s where 2017 picks up. This year, I’m diversifying my workouts to keep myself interested, my body guessing and my kids happy.


I started back at a local Crossfit about a 6 weeks ago. I missed the class environment and desperately needed the coaching cues. I also knew that working out with other Crossfitters would help me focus on skills work and build strength. Right now, I Crossfit two days a week, typically at the noon class when James can watch the kids for an hour. I love working out in a class environment, even if some days there are only a couple of us crossfitting. I’m even competing in my first CrossFit competition (scaled division) post kids soon. CrossFit will always be my first love, whether I’m in good shape or not. It’s hard to beat varied workouts everyday with many movements that focus on strength and agility.


We joined our local YMCA nearly two months ago, mostly for our kids. They love the indoor kids pool complete with a water slide and the bounce houses that are set up in the gymnasium section. We will do swimming lessons at the Y this spring and they offer several kids classes like karate and dance, as well as summer camps for kids.

The Y offers great childcare throughout the day (except from 1-3:30pm which is ok for me because that’s nap time) that doesn’t stick them in front of a TV, but instead let’s them play and do crafts and activities. They also offer one mother’s morning out a month and one parent’s night out a month, which are great perks. James and I also plan to swim with the boys this spring and do swimming workouts ourselves to mix things up.

I have used the weight room a couple times, but there is limited free weight equipment (mostly just machines) and there are always people waiting to use the free weights. To help round out my lifting since I only do Crossfit twice a week, I’ll do bench, squats or deadlifts in the Y’s weightroom if it’s not packed. Otherwise, I’ve started attending some group classes.

I have wanted–and needed–to do yoga for months now, but I’m not the kind of person who can work out at home. Besides my kids, there are a million other distractions such as cooking or cleaning or laundry or blogging. The Y offers several levels of yoga classes, and the few classes I have attended so far made it very clear that I need to work on stretching and balance. But I’m excited about yoga for the meditative and grounding effects it will bring. I tend to internalize my stress, so yoga will be a great outlet. Besides yoga, I’ve tried one Barre class and one Spin class and am excited to do both again.


A friend introduced me to Fit4Mom last October when the weather was absolutely perfect outside. I thought I was in decent shape, but running with a double stroller with two kids mixed with bodyweight and band exercises left me huffing and puffing.

The Fit4Mom classes are a great way for me to workout with my kids in tow and a way for me to build up my cardio endurance. Yes, sometimes I have to take a break to tend to my kids, but since we are all moms everyone understands. Most moms brings strollers for their kids and the workouts incorporate the kids too.

My local Fit4Mom chapter meets every weekday morning at 9:30 a.m. If the weather is nice, we’re outside at a local track or a subdivision with lots of sidewalks and trails. If it’s raining or cold, we’re inside a gym or atrium. My kids love going with me, especially because it gives them the chance to play with other kids.

Currently, this is my workout strategy for 2017 and I’m loving it so far. I love the mix of workouts and venues, as well as the option to choose which workout will work best for that day.

What is your fitness strategy or goals for 2017?

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