Top Gifts for Boys That Will Last for Years

If you’re looking for gifts for boys that will last for years, check out this list of fun, durable toys targeting boys ages 5-9.

A friend asked me for recommendations for gifts for boys, so I thought back to the past couple years and sent her a list of the toys that my Rowdy boys have played with most. In case it’s helpful for any other parents who need ideas for their boys, check out my list below, which targets boys age 5-9.

gifts for boys

Gifts for Boys (that they will play with for years)

Razor Scooter (gifted in 2016)

Tinker Toys (gifted in 2015)

Tree Swing (gifted in 2017)

Legos Set (gifted in 2017)

K’Nex Building Set (gifted in 2017)

Razor RipRider (gifted in 2016)

Snap Circuits or Snap Circuits Jr. (gifted in 2018)

And if that isn’t enough gift options for boys, here are a few gifts they are getting this year from family members:

Arrow Set

Beyblade Battle Set

Lego Gadgets Kit

BB Gun (only for my 8 year old)

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