friday’s letters…from james michael

Dear “Uncle” Bair, thanks so much for helping to lower my crib. Mama said she didn’t sleep well a couple nights worrying about whether I would pull up and fall over the side. I told her, “Mama, don’t worry about me. I’m a big boy.” She then gave me what daddy calls ‘the look’ and said, “That’s exactly why I’m worried.”

Dear Hurricane Isaac, you really put a damper on my fun this week. Mama and Daddy weren’t able to take me on my daily walks, and you know how restless I get when I’m stuck indoors. At least I got to go to the gym one day and see all the crazy, sweaty CrossFit people do lots of crazy things. Can’t wait until I start walking and do what I want at the gym. Mama is scared to death of me having free reign, so she’s talking about pinning me up in a corner so she doesn’t have to worry.

Dear Aunt Ellie, I’m so excited to see you this weekend. It seems like just yesterday that you were right there when I opened my eyes after I was born. Yuck. Actually, I don’t remember my birth, but mama tells me you were right there coaching her. I really love your long blond hair, and can you please wear those crazy glasses that I like to pull off your face? Also, I can’t wait for you to do the Shuler dance for me again; I’ve heard laughter is the key to a long life.

Dear Mama, I know that sometimes it’s hard for you to go to work all day and be away from me. I’ve got the same confidence as my daddy, and know I’m irresistable, so how could you not want to be with me all the time? But mama, I love playing with all the other little kids and I have so much fun during the day. Just know that I’m happy and healthy and well cared for.

Dear musical toys, you are a.w.e.s.o.m.e. I could play with you for hours. Oh wait, I do. Mama and daddy are very tolerant for now because they say the toys keep my attention while they do things like cleaning and cooking. The reason I love you is because you randomly start playing music in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping and scare my mama to death.

Dear Daddy, I think you and I are going to have so much fun together as I get older–and possibly drive mama crazy. When she came to pick me up from daycare yesterday, she just laughed at me and asked me why my daddy had dressed me in a bathing suit for the day. I just smiled at her because there are so many crazy things that me and you are going to do over the years that I didn’t want to scare her this early.

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