Time for a Facelift–New Blog Design

It’s been more than four years since I’ve updated the look of my blog. I switched from Blogspot to WordPress at the beginning of 2013, just before I announced I was pregnant with Baby #2.


I have updated my categories over the years to reflect my varying focuses–from paleo recipes to my pregnancies to motherhood. On several ocassions, I’ve also revised my logo, which most recently included an RV when we had planned for our year of adventure.

But since our plans have been redirected and it was time for a logo change again, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to update the look of the entire blog. At this point in my life, I’m too old, tired and busy to be on point with trends. So instead, I searched for blog themes that I liked and could stick with for years if needed.

So that’s how I decided on my new look, which is the Olsen WordPress theme (and FYI: the Olsen Light version is free). This theme leaves a lot of room for change and adaptability should I need that. I wanted a simpler look with more white space, so that’s the direction I went.

For my migration from Blogspot to WordPress in 2013, I used a design/developer team who were members of my husband’s Crossfit gym at the time. But with the abundance of WordPress themes and a little zealous confidence on my part, I decided to install the new theme and set up it myself. WordPress makes it so easy to do it yourself now!


What types of website designs do you prefer? Minimalist sites with more whitespace or bright sites with engaging visuals?

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