why it’s dangerous to work next to Target

There are a lot of great reasons it’s convenient to work next door to Target. It’s super easy to purchase gifts for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays and Christmas. And it’s also super convenient when you need to stock up on toiletries. But sometimes, I wonder if the drawbacks of working near a Target outweigh the benefits. See what I mean from my own Target downfalls:

    1. Clearance racks. It’s nearly impossible for me to run into Target on a legitimate errand without stopping by the clearance racks. After all, its seems like they’re marking down items daily. It’s hard to say no to something with a bright orange clearance sticker on it. But the problem is, just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean I need three of a style. Good deals are only good when you issue restraint.
    1. The premium chocolate aisle. I recently revealed my love of Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate. You see, Target has a chocolate aisle with a slew of choices, and it seems that one kind is always on sale. And as with the clearance racks, if it’s on sale, I just have to buy it.
    2. Toiletries. Though it’s true that having a Target closeby makes it easy to restock your toiletries, the great selection also makes you want to try new products that you don’t necessarily need. And why not stock up on all the $1 travel toiletries, even though I don’t have a trip planned any time soon.
    1. Workout clothes. I don’t like to spend a lot on workout clothes because sooner (rather than later) I’ll wear them out. But since Target started selling Champion workout gear, it’s all I can do to avoid this section of the store. Sports bras, workout tanks and lightweight jackets. These are my downfalls when it comes to the Champion line at Target. If they were more expensive, I wouldn’t even bother. But because they are such a good deal, super comfortable and made of moisture-wicking material, they’re magnetic. My eyes see them, my body imagines them and my debit card pays for them. I just bought this awesome workout tank on sale a couple weeks ago.
    1. Flip flops. Like most southern chicks, when I’m not at work or the gym, all I wear is flip flops from April through September. Target has a ridiculous selection each spring, and, as expected, they’re super affordable. I try to limit myself to one or two new pairs a year. This is considered restraint. My sis would love this pair. She’s the nautical type. I got her a pair of whale rainboots from Target for Christmas. Forget the rain though, she’s using them for crabbing!
    2. Tanks. A girl can never have enough wife-beaters tanks. As soon as my white tank starts taking on a dingy hue, I simply buy another one. I wear them to the gym, under work clothes and out and about during the summer. I definitely get my money’s worth out of them.
  1. Gifts. As great as Target is for gift buying, I realize that not everyone wants gifts from Target for every occasion. My apologies. I’m not saying this will change. I’m just saying, my apologies.
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