package in the mail

When I got home from the gym last night, I found a package from Amazon waiting beside the door. You’d think I was a 5 year old on Christmas by the way I reacted. I was so excited to get this package. I bet you’re wondering what it possibly could have been. New shoes? Some modern electronic device? Nope. Way better.

I ordered 96 oz. of coconut flour and 12 packets of gluten-free gravy. I’m smiling just thinking about it! (Yes, I’m a dork).

So about the coconut flour. I’ve been buying 16 oz. bags from Whole Foods for roughly $5 a bag, if I remember correctly. Not cheap, but I looooove coconut flour. I use it in a lot of baked goods, and I’m starting to integrate it into more savory dishes. I’ve got my mind set on making a chicken pot pie with a coconut flour crust soon.

When I realized how often I was using coconut flour, I knew there had to be a better buying option. Thank you world wide web. I found a pack of three 32 oz. bags of coconut flour from Azukar Organics for $16.48…total!

Let’s break this down. So I got 96 oz. of coconut flour online for $16.48. At Whole Foods, 96 oz. would have cost me (and have probably already cost me) $30! Wow, I almost cut my cost in half. Maybe the husband will thank me one day. Or he’ll probably just tell me I bake too much with coconut flour.

I was going to rave about the seller since I got the package in less than a week, as well as publicize this great deal to others. But it seems that I may have bought him out. I’ll leave you the link anyway in case you want to be notified when the product is available again.

After I added the coconut flour to my cart, I realized that if I spent $9 more, I’d get free shipping. And that’s how I came to purchase 12 packs of gluten-free gravy for $11.76. The gravy wasn’t as much as a steal as the coconut flour, but at less than $1 per pouch, I can’t complain. We’re always making pot roast, and gravy just makes it that much better. And now with a backstock of gravy, I can make Hobson German Rouladen once a month for a year. I know James is excited!

And look at that little box, just like what you’d see in a store. It definitely helps to keep my pantry tidy.

For those of you wondering, the gravy isn’t Paleo, just gluten-free. Well, actually, it’s dairy free, vegan, casein free, gluten free and wheat free–claims the packaging. It’s mainly comprised of rice flour, tapioca starch and tamari powder. Another thing on my to-do list is to make my own version of paleo gravy. But until I get to that, I’ll settle for this gluten-free version over regular gravy any day.

And while I’m on the topic of great deals, when I was in Gainesville a couple weekends ago, the Kroger near my parents house had mahi mahi on sale for $3.99 per lb. So I snatched up more than 5 lbs of it and stuck it in the freezer. I cooked half of it last night, so we’ll be eating mahi mahi for the next few meals. I’m thinking that fish tacos using lettuce wraps as shells are calling my name!

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