cost plus world market and sinless margaritas

When I took a trip to visit my sister in Bluffton, S.C., in March, we stopped in at Cost Plus World Market, where I purchased some coffee, a drying pad for the kitchen and popsicle molds. Of course, there were a million things I wanted, but I tried to be practically judicious about my choices.

Earlier this year, my mom has also become quite the fan of World Market. So it was no surprise that for my birthday at the end of March, my parents got me these fun little kitchen items from Cost Plus World Market (along with two backpack beach chairs that I’ll break out in Hilton Head during Memorial Day weekend!).

Last month, I also came home from the gym one night to find a package in front of our door. I was a bit perplexed, as it had no mailing label, but rather, a bright sticker saying Refrigerate Upon Arrival.

Upon opening the package, I found two bottles of Sinless Margarita mix. At first, I wondered if someone had read my blog and knew just how much I love natural food, etc. But James burst my bubble when he told me that the owner had contacted him and wanted to drop off some bottles for him to try. Darn–but freebies are nice regardless!

I’ve been ordering skinny margaritas at restaurants, thinking that I’m doing my body a world of good. Until I read this note that came in the package. Really? How can something called skinny have 490 calories and 110 grams of sugar? How much sugar does the regular version have? Maybe these are just average statistics, because I’ve definitely had skinny margaritas before that tasted like there was no sugar at all.

So at the pool the next weekend, I mixed up a Sinless Margarita (by adding tequila to the mix), and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t too sweet, but still sharp enough to mask the tequila a bit.

Sinless Margarita Mix is all natural (no artificial preservatives) and sugar free because it’s sweetened with Stevia. Frequently, Stevia can yield a strong after taste, but it doesn’t in this mix. The company has perfectly determined the right proportions.
You can order a bottle of Sinless Margarita Mix or Sinless Strawberry Margarita Mix for $7.99. And the great thing is, a lot of restaurants, bars and distributors in Atlanta already stock this mix. I had no idea.
I give this Sinless Margarita Mix two thumbs up–and I’m not even a huge margarita fan. So that has to count for something, right?
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