A Productive Weekend

boys snow 2016

It’s hard to believe that it can be snowing one weekend and spring-like the next. Not that you hear me complaining.

This past weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, but the weather was amazing for being smack dab in the middle of winter. My mother in law came into town, which allowed me to spend Saturday morning rearranging the furniture in the kids’ rooms to get our house in show-ready shape. This meant removing the dresser I had placed in a closet for safety reasons, and consolidating the boys’ clothes to one safer dresser that I felt comfortable placing in their room.

Oh yes, THEIR room. As of about 10 days ago, the boys are sharing a room. I dismantled Beau’s crib in our guest room and he has been sleeping on the floor in a tent in James Michael’s room. Some nights I go in there to find Beau snuggled up beside JM in his tent, some nights I find JM still awake while Beau is passed out, and last night JM was passed out while Beau was trying to prod him awake. Beau is still napping in the guest room, but I consider sharing a room at night a big step, especially since the bunk house of our future RV will be tight quarters. Of course, we are still working on getting them to sleep past 6 a.m. in the morning. Baby steps.

new fridge 2016

Once we got the boys down for naps on Saturday, James and I headed off to Appliance Smart to shop for new appliances. Our fridge stopped working on Friday, and we figured a matching stainless steel set would be a nice upgrade for selling the house. Thankfully, we still have our “milk” fridge in the garage where we could transfer our food before it spoiled. We’ll be selling that garage fridge, along with our older gas stove and above-stove microwave once the new appliances are installed this week.

Haley JM 4wheeler

After the kids woke from their naps, we set out to make the most of a beautiful un-winter day by riding four wheelers and playing at the park. The fresh air refuled me enough to take a quick trip with James to Home Depot to get an estimate for carpet replacement while Grandma was on kid watch. Yikes, carpet was more than we anticipated! We’ll have to shop around to find the best deal.

2016 Atlanta RV show

Sunday, we loaded up the minivan and made the trip south of Atlanta to attend our first RV show. We got off to a slow start pushing around two umbrella strollers, but quickly wised up and I popped Scarlett in the Lilliebaby while James took care of JM and Grandma kept up with Beaudozer. I think James was hoping for some show deals, whereas I was just hoping to get a better feel for the layout we prefer. There were a ton of different RV types and styles, but only a few options in our price range with a bunkhouse. It’s been a few months since we’ve looked at RVs, so it was helpful to be able to view so many options at once. We are still deciding between a travel trailer and a fifth wheel. If price was no object, we’d go with a fifth wheel without hesitation. But with three kids, price is definitely an object as we have to think more long term to the next phase after our RV trip.

jm climbing tree

We spent Sunday afternoon outside playing with the neighborhood kids until dark. It felt strangely like last summer. The boys had an absolute blast and played until exhaustion. Hopefully the groundhog says that spring will come early!