need some new recipes?

I know I’ve said this before, but sometimes when you’re strapped for time, it’s easier to find inspiration from others than create it yourself. I’ve tried out several good recipes lately, and wanted to share in case you’re looking for new recipes to add to your routine.

Recommended Recipes

1. Veggie Bake. Simple recipe but such a great looking dish I simply subbed sweet potatoes for white potatoes and added some bacon crumbles to the base of onions and garlic. So I guess it’s not technically Veggie Bake anymore, but we all know everything is better with bacon. I just bought a mandoline. Too bad I didn’t have it handy when I made this recipe

2. Paleo Cookies. You’d never think these could actually be somewhat healthy for you because they taste so indulgent. I made a double recipe of these for James a month or so ago when he went on a guys camping trip. Um, delicious. Love using coconut oil for that slight coconut flavor. Hands down the best paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve come across.

3. Luau Sloppy Joes. Years ago, James and I used to make sloppy joes for dinner every few months. Back then, it involved browning ground beef then dumping in a can of sloppy joe mix. Thank goodness we’ve upgraded a bit. This recipe is absolutely delicious. The pineapple is a great touch, especially if you top with cheese. We ate it on toasted Udi’s Gluten-Free bread. Obviously this wasn’t paleo, but you could make the meat and eat it plain or atop something else, like zucchini noodles.

4. James’ Pineapple Chili. I know, we’re crazy. The heat has been in the triple digits lately, yet we decide to make chili. All I can say is meat is neat, especially when a special contraption will cook it for you. Can we claim the pineapple makes it summery?!

5. Crockpot Ribs. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this recipe months and months ago, but it’s a good one. I always sub palm sugar from brown sugar and omit the white sugar completely. You really can’t mess this recipe up, unless, of course, you buy ribs from Wal-Mart, which I mistakenly did this weekend. Lesson learned.

6. Asian Turkey Meatballs. Last week, I opened the fridge looking for something to make for dinner. I saw Trader Joe’s stirfry veggies and ground beef. Those didn’t really seem like a great pairing, until I came across this recipe. I pretty much made my own version of this recipe, since we had no fresh ginger, cilantro, basil, jalapeno or wheat-free tamari sauce, but you get the idea. I used this recipe as inspiration, and the meal turned out quite tasty.

Recipes to try:

Anything on, but I’m thinking these two first: Mexican Burgers and Lemon Fruit Tart.

Paleo chocolate avocado pudding–crossing my fingers it’s as good as the version at Urban Pl8.

I love me some coconut flour, so these coconut blueberry pound cupcakes look delicious.

The Lean Green Bean

Foodie Penpals
This month was my first time participating in The Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Penpals program. Sarah from Missouri sent me a box of goodies. I told her that we mainly eat primal (meats, veggies, fruit, nuts, dairy), but I do enjoy a good splurge. I also mentioned that I preferred gluten-free foods.

Sarah provided quite the box of goodies. I’ve had the brownie mix before, and it’s good, so I’m saving it for a special occasion so I don’t eat it all myself 🙂 James downed two bowls of the fruity pebbles the day I received the package–I think it’s been a year or two since he’s had cereal. Love the Buddy Fruits–James Michael has had them before and loves them, so I’m stashing these in my diaper bag. James was kind enough to “test” the Buddy Fruit gummies, and gave them a thumbs up for James Michael to eat in a few months.

Thank you Sarah!

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