dear crossfit…

Dear CrossFit,
I know I’ve neglected you a bit this summer. I promised you several vacations, but left you at home as I cruised around the Caribbean and traveled to the beach. In your place, I opted for Eli the Elliptical or Matt the Machine, but they were boring, unchallenging and nothing like you.

Each time I went away, I missed you like crazy. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I now realize my mistakes.

I’ve complained all summer that it’s been too hot to hang out with you, and that when we do get together, things just aren’t the same. I’ve complained that some days you’re just too much for me, and that you hurt me. But I know that was never your intention.

You only want the best for me; you want me to be strong and healthy and happy. You push me to go harder and reach beyond what I think I can do.

You give me community, camaraderie and a fan base that cheers me on despite my failures.

You were kind enough to introduce me to your famous lady friends (Fran, Grace, Angie, Linda and Helen), who continue to teach me much about humility, drive and perseverance.

You give me something to look forward to at the end of a long day. You lift my spirits, and give me a clean slate for the next day.

You remind me that girls with muscles are beautiful. You show me that perfect form has nothing to do with an hour glass figure, but rather, fluid, efficient motion.

You give me a reason to eat well and listen to my body. You shape me; you whittle me; you nurture me.

So despite my manic summer, I’m back, if you’ll have me. I promise to give you my best, because you’ve only ever given me your best.

Yours truly

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