A Labor of Love for Valentine’s Day

boys vday 2016

I’m a few days late recapping Valentine’s day, but celebrations were low key this year and didn’t involve any high heels, makeup or dinner reservations (#lifewithkids). Instead, our little Rowdy cupids enjoyed their new puzzles (USA Map for James Michael and a farm cube for Beau), while James gifted me some specialty Mexican coffee (fun and functional) and I got him two camper levelers and graduated levels (future functional).

JM USA Puzzle

On Saturday, we stopped for a late lunch at Chickfila and the boys got little RVs in their kids’ meals. JM was obsessed with driving his around his completed US puzzle and asking questions such as, “When will we visit the buffalo state?” 

For Valentine’s dinner, I served German Rouladen, one of James’ favorite meals that he grew up eating. Rouladen is a recipe I make only once or twice a year, and typically during colder weather as it requires three hours of oven cooking. But every time I make this dish, I remember why it’s so worth it. First of all, beef. But also because the flavors are so unique between the bacon, spicy mustard and pickle. As it is a labor of love, Rouladen is the perfect special-occassion meal that pairs well with mashed potatoes and red wine.


I snapped some new pictures when I made rouladen on Valentine’s Day and streamlined my old recipe from 2011. I like to use Road’s End Organics packets for the gravy, but if you want to stay Paleo or Whole 30 compliant, there are alternative gravy recipes listed in the recipe. Enjoy!

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