christmas, in retrospect…and green drink

As with Thanksgiving, Christmas this year was a blur. After the Christmas party my parents hosted, James spent most of Thursday and Christmas Eve building four plyo boxes for the gym. I think he really enjoyed wearing the safety glasses.

Meanwhile, my sister discovered the ‘nice’ camera and left me the gift of random pictures on my SD card!

Amidst all the holiday food, we did squeeze in some healthy meals, like this salad with shrimp, yellow bell peppers, avocado, feta, toasted pecans and oranges.

And we also scrounged up old church directories. Thank goodness bangs have evolved since 1992. Yikes!

The cousins and I received our lepoard print coolers from Grandmother. She definitely keeps us guessing every year!

And it even decided to snow on Christmas!

I got lots of great stuff from Crate and Barrel, thanks to my fam and the Hobsons. I think this officially makes me old.

Unfortunately, the slight cough that James developed before the holidays quadrupled while we were away. This says a lot, because James is hardly ever sick. I do remember a time four years ago where he got a little sick right before he left for South America for 6 weeks. But it didn’t slow him down. Instead, he got on the plane to leave his sickness, in the form of streph throat, with me. And I was out of work for a full week because of it while he was galavanting down gigantic sand dunes on massive buggies and barreling down the world’s most dangerous road on a bike.
So, like any devoted wife, I spent $170 at the grocery store when we got back home and practically bought one of everything in the produce department. I made him, chicken tortilla soup (only this time I pulled chicken from a store-bought rotisserie and also threw in some salsa verde), sauteed fish with julienned veggies and a mexican chicken chili (I’ll share the recipe soon).

James has also downed roughly 18 green drinks in the past 5 days, though it wasn’t enough to cure this sickness. He just got a round of antibiotics yesterday, and I’m hoping they kick in quickly.

To his credit, James eats more for fuel than taste, and I could definitely use a few pointers. He’s in tune to his body, knowing when he needs more vegetables or fat in his diet. These manifest themselves in the form of the ‘green drink’ or him taking shots of olive oil (yes, straight from the container). Unfortunately, my body only tells me to eat chocolate. I couldn’t stomach the olive oil, but I do enjoy a good cup of green drink.

Green Drink

1. Choose your ingredients and place in blender recepticle. For us, this mainly depends on what we have in stock, but most any fruits and veggies will do. Though I’ll warn you, brocolini tastes bitter and should be avoided. We often use carrots, spinach and kale with fruit such as strawberries and a banana.

Most recently, James used a banana, kale, spinach, oranges, grapefruit and a carrot.

2. Then throw in some ice cubes and blend for what seems like forever, until mixture is relatively smooth with no ice chunks.

3. Pour in glass (baby glass for Haley) and enjoy! Don’t drink too fast, as there are a lot of raw veggies in this drink.

We’re headed to Athens for NYE tomorrow. Can’t wait!