why i was sold on legacy park

Legacy Park Map


At James’ first mention of looking for houses in Legacy Park, I’ll admit I was quite skeptical. I didn’t grow up in a mega, planned neighborhood, and I had a great childhood. Plus, I had heard Legacy Park was a bit cultish, as in people often never leave the neighborhood because they socialize at neighborhood events, their kids play sports on the fields at Legacy Park, they cook out and host dinner parties at neighbors’ houses, etc.

And then I thought to myself, what’s so wrong with that? With a roving toddler and a baby on the way, I realized these little conveniences were quite appealing. Our hands will be quite full the next couple years, so why not make life as easy as possible? JM can enjoy one of the many playgrounds, pools, nature trails, a fenced in backyard, the 3-year-old t-ball league, the weekly story times and tons of other rambunctious neighborhood kids, all while I tend to little Beau.

Legacy Park is a great neighborhood for families with kids, and I feel completely comfortable and confident being out and about with my kids in the neighborhood. And the real kicker is it happens to be only a mile from James’ gym–with sidewalks in between the two, meaning stroller walks to visit Dad might become quite the norm next spring.

Others may have differing opinions, much like I did before I converted. It’s true that, in general, you can get a bigger nicer house for the money outside of Legacy Park. But luckily, we stuck to our guns in negotiations and offered only what we felt the house was worth. Our house isn’t as upgraded as others, but we’re not super high-end people and our biggest expense, besides a full interior paint job, will be granite countertops.

We are really beginning to settle into the house, and I’ll post updates as we make progress.