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From the headline, I bet you almost thought this was spam. Almost.

I’ve always loved earrings. Ok, I take that back. I didn’t actually get my ears pierced until I was 17 years old. I was horrified of the idea of poking a hole through my hear with a needle, much less some loud gun that fires at my ear. I think watching Grease growing up was enough to make any girl timid. But after resorting to clip-on earrings (which hurt like crazy) for a homecoming dance in high school, I managed to muster up enough courage to forever alter my body that next summer.

I dabbled with earrings in college, unused to drawing so much attention to my ears. After college, I was single for a full year before dating James, and apparently I decided to wear the largest flashiest earrings around–back in the day when good times with girlfriends began at 10 p.m., instead of ended.

During the past year or two, as I’ve settled down to the routine called life, I’ve migrated toward studs, especially now that there are so many great options. And it doesn’t hurt that babies can’t grasp their little fingers around studs, and now that I’m on a why-I-wear-studs roll, I really don’t want the saggy earlobe syndrome either 🙂

My friend Lindsey introduced me to the Juniors department of Nordstrom a few years ago. I am super cheap, and was amazed to discover how much cheaper the junior items were than then women’s items at Nordstrom. My favorite pair of skinny jeans come from the Juniors section, and despite the junior sizing, I didn’t have to resort to a size in double or triple digits 🙂 I digress.

But my favorite part of the Juniors department is the jewelry. It has great necklaces and earrings, and even though I’m not really a necklace kind of girl, the few that I do own I’ve purchased from Nordstrom for $14 to $18 each.

The selection of studs is amazing, too, and most range from $8 to $12. Here are a few I found in my jewelry tray, though I know I have a few more pairs hiding somewhere–possibly my gym bag.

And here are a few I found onlinethat I really like, though Nordstrom has a much better selection in store.


These are so fresh and summery, and even though they’re just studs, they can liven up any ole outfit. Plus, speaking from experience, I know that as a female we often get the itch to shop. Buying a pair or two of studs is a great way to scratch that itch without breaking the bank (and yes, I love throwing in the occasional cliche!)

Am I being compensated for this post? I totally wish. Just wanted to share my favorite place to shop for studs.

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