weekend pictures

This weekend, I had planned to post on a couple different topics, but life took over and I happily succumbed to watching The CrossFit Games and visiting with family.

James headed to Colorado for a friend’s wedding early Wednesday morning, and will return late tonight. I decided this would be the perfect time to try to sleep train James Michael. I plan to do a whole post on this later, but for now, I’m sooooo glad I did it. My little baby is growing up so fast and is able to go 10+ hours between feedings at night. I know that will get some hallelujahs from the working moms chorus 🙂

Friday night, after doing Kalsu at the gym and putting JM down to bed, I settled in with my favorite salad to watch The CrossFit Games.

With James out of town, I opened the gym Saturday morning and chose an adapted version of the Team Chipper at this year’s Games.

Saturday afternoon, my Grandmother (and JM’s Gigi) came to see him. She did this little trick where she lightly ran her fingers over his face. At first, he was so excited about this new trick, but after a couple minutes, it left him mesmorized and totally relaxed. I will definitely keep this trick in my back pocket!

It had been a month or two since Gigi had seen JM, and I was so glad she was able to see some of his little personality shining through.

While we were prepping a big family dinner, JM was eating his own appetizer. I bought these Buddy Fruits a while back when there were on sale at the grocery store. I offered him a pack of Apple and Banana yesterday morning, and he downed 2/3 of the pack, even though he had nursed 1.5 hours earlier. We gave him the rest last night, and you’d think the baby was constantly starving with the way he was so eager to eat it.

In the future, I plan to add some to the veggie purees I’m making him.

After JM went to bed, we enjoyed quite the tasty, colorful spread.

Brussel sprouts with butternut squash and bacon…

Chilled summer salad…

Squash chips…

Grilled then smoked salmon with pesto…

I’ll be back soon with a simple recipe for the Chilled Summer Salad, created by my mom.