twas three nights before christmas


Luckily, no one in attendance is diabetic.
Southern Living Blue Cheese Bacon Dip–great on bell peppers and apples.
Pork loin, jumbo sausage balls, cajun shrimp, homemade hotwings….James was in heaven!
I applauded Whitney on her hair piece while her mom filled everyone in on the new and improved Bumpit, which somehow segued to Winnie the Pooh. Mrs. Bev is very talented.
He’s single, ladies!
Broseph. We asked him to explain his shirt. He said, “It’s simple. The moon is draining out into a river with little creatures floating in it.” I guess we should have clarified and asked for the deeper meaning.



The little one in the red dress is my sister belting out Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
I made this a couple weeks ago for a girls night I hosted, and it was a hit. So I decided to make it again for last night’s Christmas party. I personally think it tastes best atop sliced red or yellow bell peppers, apples or pears. But you can also venture into the world of gluten (flatbreads) if you’d like.