the second time around, it’s ok


Nearly seven weeks into this journey of life with two kids, I’ve gained some newfound perspective on what really matters and cut myself some slack in many areas. With your first child, entering into the great unknown (and most notably with tons of free time on your hands), you busy yourself during the months of waiting perfecting everything you can for your little one’s arrival.

With baby # 2, you’re lucky if you have anything ready and just rely on the fact that you’ve done this all before and baby will be fine regardless of how much you’ve prepared.

So with that in mind, when it comes to the second time around, it’s ok:

— not to have the nursery set up, much less decorated

— that some days neither child ever wears more than a diaper

— to wish you could remove the hours between 5 and 7 p.m. from the day entirely so that you skip from late afternoon straight to bedtime

— if your daily style is a toss up between wet hair or a pony tail

— not to pick up your newborn at the sound of every whimper

— to wonder if those few hours of preschool your toddler goes to each week are more beneficial for him or for you

— if you put on makeup roughly 2 times a month

— to consider asking for 15 minutes of time for yourself each day as a Christmas present

— if you eat breakfast 3 hours later than normal roughly half the time

— to blame mistakes on sleep deprivation

— to admit that some days (after especially rough nights) you motivate yourself with the phrase: Just make it to nap time

— to wonder how you’ll ever make it with three kids because it’s hard enough with a 1:1 parent-child ratio

— to be astounded you can be just as much in love with your second baby as your first