Settling In to Transiency

This weekend will mark two weeks that we’ve been in our temporary home of my Grandma’s house. We finally have figured out our new normal (for now) and are embracing lake life–or at least the calming view of the lake since the water is much too chilly for swimming.

settling in lake house 2

James and James Michael have fished several times off the boatdock, with plans of many more dawn and dusk visits. And the boys love watching small fishing boats come in and out of the cove. Of course, if my boys are anywhere near the water, they will have their coast guard-approved life jackets or puddle jumpers on. My parents instilled a respect of water safety in me, and it’s a rule that I am adamant about with my boys (more on my thoughts about water safety in another post). Their lives are just too precious to risk and accidents happen all too often.

James has done wonders for the yard in such a short time, raking up a million leaves, spreading mulch, cutting the ever-growing grass, trimming bushes and the encroaching ivy and seeding the bare patches. Inside, I’ve unpacked only my most-used kitchen items (which is still a lot), hoping it will make it easier to transition to life in the RV when the time comes. James’ new business Spider Chalk is still churning out orders, and he’s got a great setup for his home office in the unfinished basement.

We’ve also found an old-school local gym that we’re going to for a month or so. It’s got all the basic equipment we need, plus childcare. So we zip in and do a lift or two, then finish with a quick WOD, making us in and out of there in 45 minutes or so. And the kids already seem to have all the trainers wrapped around their fingers. Fitness will also be a huge transition once we hit the road. We’ll have to adjust to more bodyweight movements.

settling in lake house 1

Of course, not everything is coming up roses. We had our first ER visit for Beaudozer just a couple days after moving in. But he’s better and we have been exploring all the nearby parks that I frequented as a child.

I must admit, it’s so pleasant living in a small town more than an hour outside of a big city. James and I have both lived in or near Atlanta since we graduated college, and it’s amazing the weight that is lifted when you switch to a smaller, slower pace of life. It’s also wonderful having my parents so close by. My dad has already made a few household fixes for us and my mom works nearby, making it easy to stop by on her way home from work or on her lunch break.

settling in lake house 3

For now, life is good and the kids are adjusting fairly well. It’s so nostalgic living in my Grandma’s house that I spent so much time in growing up. Honestly, I think it made it easier to say goodbye to our home in Kennesaw. It would have been much harder moving into an apartment temporarily.

In about two or three weeks, after James’ next Atlanta Affiliate League event is over, we will begin RV shopping. Meanwhile, James is ironing out the details for making his business mobile. Now that we have sold the house, we are getting closer and closer to our year of adventure!