second appointment a relief

After my initial appointment around 4.5 weeks to confirm my pregnancy, I anxiously await Monday, May 16, the day of my second appointment when I find out if everything was looking ok. I was tense all weekend, and Monday morning was trying to hard to keep it together. Thank goodness I didn’t schedule an appointment for that afternoon.

The first thing the doctor did was an ultrasound, which showed a tiny blur of a baby and a yolk sac. The doctor said the baby’s heart beat was a strong 148, which was perfect. He said that at this point, the chance of miscarriage is only 1%. After hearing this, I let out a big breath and felt a wave of relief rush over me. I had no idea how much tension and worry I’d been carrying around. Most of the time, I try to bury those kinds of emotions 🙂 The Doc printed out a small picture of my sonogram and said it’d be the beginning of my scrapbook.

I chatted with the Doc a couple minutes and asked him a few questions, and he told me I’d come back every 4 weeks for the next stretch. So my next appointment is June 13, when I should be just over 11 weeks. If all goes well, I’ll reveal the big news after that appointment.

I then went to the Lab for bloodwork and was in and out of the office in 45 minutes. Wow, I had heard that sometimes it takes more than 2 hours for an initial visit, but I had already filled out paperwork with my background. So I guess that saved a lot of time. I definitely appreciate the efficiency.

The Doc said my due date was Dec. 29, based on my last period. But because I was tracking my basal body temp online and used and ovulation predictor kit, I feel pretty confident about when I ovulated, so I’m sticking with Dec. 31.