perfect summer sunday

Yesterday was near perfect. While most Atlantans were still sleeping, I was out and about stocking up on groceries from Trader Joe’s. Have I mentioned how much I love grocery shopping? For real. I’m a dork 🙂

We squeezed in some family time before James took the motorcycle up for a leisure ride around Red Top Mountain.

And as soon as he left, James Michael and I hit the pool–to distract me from daddy’s ride and to keep James Michael a happy baby.
Thankfully, he loved the pool, and splashed for 20 straight minutes, unphased by all the water that got on his face. After a short swim and lounging in the shade, he took a glorious two-hour nap, which convinced me that pool time is awesome in more ways than one.
Once James was home from his ride, we decided to do it all again late in the afternoon when the sun wasn’t quite so strong.

JM is into this new no-lips look. He just started doing it recently, and it’s hilarious. Daddy is into this new mohawk look. It is also quite hilarious.

After pool time, it was a mad rush to prep for entertaining James’ brother Brad and our friend Chris Bair for dinner. At the end of the night, I told James that if I could entertain every night, I would. Then I thought better of it. If I could entertain once a week, I would.

For appetizer, we tried out a new cheese I got at Trader Joe’s: creamy toscano soaked in Syrah. It was amazing. Then I just stacked cucumber and pearl tomatoes, with a little hummus sandwiched in between.

And we sampled a wine that Brad brought, as well as our favorite, Apothic Red.

And on a whim I made a quick dessert, melted chocolate sprinkled with coconut flakes and roasted, salted pecans–cooled in the freezer.

Dinner was sauted white pangasus, strawberries, roasted zucchini and a saute of brussels sprouts, bacon, garlic and butternut squash.

To all the single ladies in Atlanta, this guy is available! Works in finance and prefers petite blondes, but open to all types. Must get along with sister-in-law, which should be fairly easy 🙂 Any takers? Now accepting applications.