new year’s eve in athens

This year, we spent New Year’s Eve in Athens. Not only is it cheap compared to Atlanta, but it’s nostalgic for us and you can walk everywhere. We stayed at the Foundry Park Inn, had an 18-person dinner at The National, played pool and rang in the New Year at Allgoods and celebrated the wee hours of New Year’s Day at 8E’s bar (all 80s music!).

2010 has been quite a year, but I’m even more excited for 2011. I’m still working on paring down my list of resolutions (or more like to-dos) for 2011, but at the top most definitely comes health and happiness.

Hello 2011. Hope we’re ready for you!

This was a couple seconds after midnight. Obviously I’m horrible with the one-arm pictures. At least the cute hubby made it in!